Good -looking light luxury modern lamps, simple atmosphere, luxury room choice

Modern light luxury is modern, but it is different from conventional single -line paving. It is more particular about the quality of the simple lines. Simple and generous, fashionable and avant -garde, and elegant give people a warm and comfortable. Here are some good -looking light luxury modern lamps, simple atmosphere, luxury master choice!


Manooi lighting lamps


Manooi lamps are famous for innovation, simplicity and luxury. MANOOI’s design inspiration, most of which comes from the rich light and shadow of nature. From the perspective of form and shape, most of the elegant lines are the main. Manooi crystal lamps can produce different light colors from different angles. The most subtle change of light color can be seen from the focus of the SLR camera. The focus of different positions will produce different light colors. Maybe this is the wonderful place of the Manooi crystal lamp.


Thierry vidé lamps

The French handmade lighting brand Thierry Vidé is good at creating modern lamps with mesh mirror stainless steel. The brand spends 30 years to study the dynamic relationship between objects and light. Modern art style. All lamps are manufactured in the French workshop.

Patrizia Volpato lighting


Patrizia Volpato lamps series are diverse, unique in shape, and the pure handmade method can better show the gorgeousness of high -grade glass and precious crystal. It is a classic style to modern style transition and fusion to create an elegant and luxurious and unique creative lamp product. Patrizia Volpato’s lights are carefully designed and hand -made of treasures. Selected crystal glass, aluminum castings and iron arts as making raw materials to create bright and beautiful various types of lamps.



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