Official announcement of the top ten brands of Wollyfi Wall Cloth Curtain Brand Spokesman International Piano Master Li Yundi

That’s right, it’s him!


The most dazzling international art master

Piano Prince that coexists in talent and face

Classic and elegant, positive sunny incarnation

2020, 8, 26

He and Wollyfi Chairman Zhou Guoxuan


Gathering in Guangzhou, China

Now, I will introduce it to everyone


Wollefi brand spokesperson -Li Yundi

Li · Yundi

October 10, 2019


Li Yundi won the “Glory Art” of Poland’s High Glory “

Cultural Medal Gold Medal

Become the first Chinese pianist to get this honor


Li Yundi’s name is famous at home and abroad.

In 2000, the young pianist from China won the most famous piano competition in the world -the crown of the Chopin International Piano Competition. The world’s eyes have never left from this musician.

From the first time Li Yundi stood on the stage, the first keys were ringing, and in the past 30 years, regardless of the cold and summer, they practiced the piano for 5 hours a day. This is a rigorous requirement for self. After 30 years of precipitation, a colorful life is blooming on the black and white keys.

Li Yundi said that music is the process of continuously pursuing perfection and carving with time to persist in shaping perfection.

In the hearts of the strong, even if the time flows, the goal is always the same; even if the human voice is full of voices, they will only listen to their real voice. The pursuit of perfection, never compromising, and accumulation is the only shortcut to teach us to lead to success.

Don’t forget your original intention, always. Twelve rounds of reincarnation in the four seasons, Wollyfi knew that glory was by no means the greatness of the moment, but insisted on the day after the glory. From the products of the product, processing and production to finished product sales, Wollyfi insists on the excellence of every link. In the stagnation room of the latitude and longitude of the stitches, it is a perfect pursuit of perfect pursuit and the ultimate interpretation of ingenuity.

With the artistic sense of art, the light of fashionable design is shining; with a quiet spiritual realm, the beauty of the sonic heart; with excellent fashion vision, build the future trajectory of wall cloth and curtain aesthetics.


In an impetuous era, in an industry full of traffic stars, Wallefi was extremely prudent of the spokesperson’s choice. As a company with high ambitions, we do not look at the dazzling momentum, and the long -lasting light is our serious pursuit. The profound heritage of piano art masters and the extensive connotation of the Wollyfield brand are perfectly intersecting.

For ten years, a glimpse of shock, countless scenery in the world.


Today, Wallefi joined hands with the international piano master Li Yundi, full of ambition, ready to go, and came to the center of the stage again with the posture of the king!

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