The sweater only knows Champion? These 10 national brands are fashionable and versatile, too suitable for autumn and winter

As a necessary item for autumn and winter seasons, sweaters can create a stylish style of age reduction. When it comes to sweater brands, most people are casually out of the foreign brands such as Champion and GAP. In fact, the value of domestic brand sweaters is not inferior to inferiority, and the key is very cheap.



Samma’s sweaters are the focus of young people’s trend aesthetics. Although the style is more popular, it also meets the aesthetic taste and fashion needs of most people. Whether it is a hood or a round neck, the basic model or the velvet model is one or two hundred. It can be described as the cost -effective king of the domestic sweater. It is highly recommended to the student party.


Metus Bonway

The outside world’s evaluation of Metus Bonway is mixed, but its sweater items have always followed the trend. Whether it is a simple basic pure color model, or a very personal print, or a well -known IP (sesame sauce (sesame sauce sauce (sesame sauce sauce The joint models of the lion king, Disney) all provide sufficient choice space for contemporary young people.

Li Ning

I have to say that Li Ning gradually found his own style in product design, like a sweater, in addition to the solid color basic model, he also learned to integrate brand labels and national culture into the design. Although it has successfully counterattacked the trend, the price is much more expensive than other domestic brand brands. Especially the China Li Ning series, a sweater is close to the price of nearly 1,000 yuan. It is recommended that the student party choose the Li Ning series.


Tang Lion


Tang Shi’s audience is mainly young people in the post -90s and post -00s. They are stylish and casual, and incorporate fun cartoon patterns, setting out the atmosphere of youthful reduction, and strongly recommend it to the Student Party. In terms of price, it is basically one or two hundred yuan. If it is during the event, you can also enjoy discounts. After the discount, the price is only dozens of pieces, and the cost performance is very high.



Different from Li Ning, although Anta is also the main sports and casual style, the price is much more affordable than Li Ning, and the style of the sweater is very rich. It is in line with the aesthetic style of modern young people, simple and versatile.

Mark Fairwhale

Makwarfi has always liked one of the domestic brands that I like very much. Although the average price is about four or five hundred, it is a bit expensive for ordinary people, but it is very serious in product design and takes into account the value and quality. The sweater includes sports and leisure style and American street style. It is not limited to the simple and low -key style of solid color style.



The Tuoping Bird has a sense of high fashion in designing, but with the “fast fashion” business model, it is loved by the tide people icon and net celebrity stars. Although it is a bit expensive in terms of price, many people are willing to pay for it. It integrates simple, fashionable, leisure and senior fashion, but not the public is very versatile.


Lilbetter is mainly divided into classic series, fashion series, and high -end series. These three series of design styles are also different, meeting the aesthetic taste and fashion needs of different people. Good at using solid color base, plus iconic letter logo embellishment, simple but not losing personality sweater style, which is very suitable for autumn and winter seasons.



NPC is a clothing brand launched by the host Li Chen and singer Pan Weibai. Although it is a star brand, the cost performance is very high, and the overall design is beautiful street style. It is also very versatile.



Natural, environmentally friendly, and comfortable brand concepts, minimalist brand characteristics, and are loved by fashionable men. There is no large -area contrast, and there is no printing to the blogger’s attention. The simple style design meets the aesthetic taste of men 3 or 30 years old, creating a delicate male style.


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