11.30 to buy shoes yourself

When I washed a small white shoe today, I found a shoe to break a small hole, and I can’t walk in a rainy day. Socks are somewhat wet. Then put the double in the past two years of casual shoes, throwing it into the trash can. In the evening, an order is placed online, and two pairs of casual shoes in one breath; a pair of brown four seasons, a pair of cyan plus velvet. I have four pairs of shoes in my own shoes. There are two pairs of spring and winter. There are also two pairs of casual shoes, a pair of summer breathable, a pair of bulls, and walking to the road. These stock shoes have some years; it has been dressed in the longest time for more than ten years, and the time is still more than five years. The reason why it is still very durable, one is the hard quality; the second is that it is usually not wear, rub the shoe and oil maintenance, put it in the shoe cabinet; three is to rotate. This time, I bought two pairs. It is a feeling of improving the feet when I walk or walk. After all, there is nothing to wear shoes. Distance to me, buy a men’s shoes bag, there are two or three years; inventory is enough to meet four seasons, it will not be able to think of adding new clothes. I don’t know if the man behind the child, is this? Anyway, I do this, I have been wearing it until I will buy a new one; even if I have, I don’t want to add a new impulse.

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