The 10 major cooking experiment shows are really “Kung Fu”, “Martian steamed and baked integrated integrated stove limit challenges”

Integrated life, the “stove” has three meals and four seasons. This is the meaning of the birth of integrated stoves. It not only solves many problems in traditional kitchen, but also brings a new comfortable cooking experience. Today, Zhongguancun Online and the Martian integrated stove jointly created an extreme challenge to rigorously test the Mars E30BC steaming and baking integrated integrated stove, so that you can really see the “charm” of the integrated stove!

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01 Mars integrated stove limit challenge -smoke stove chapter

10大烹饪实验秀真“功夫”「 火星人蒸烤炸一体集成灶极限挑战」

The nice and bad smoke stoves of the integrated stove directly affect the comfort of the daily cooking process. What is the performance of the smoke of the Martian integrated stove?

In the heating experiment of the pan, it can be seen from the real -time data of the thermometer. In less than 10 seconds, the temperature of the pot is 200 degrees, which is enough to meet the needs of Chinese stir -fry!

10大烹饪实验秀真“功夫”「 火星人蒸烤炸一体集成灶极限挑战」

Such an excellent cooking effect also requires a strong ability to suck oil smoke to hold it. Whether in the “pepper stir -fry” or “whole house tobacco cake” experiment, the Martian integrated stove shows good results, and the clean smoke effect is significant!

10大烹饪实验秀真“功夫”「 火星人蒸烤炸一体集成灶极限挑战」

After seeing the effect of the suction fume of the Martian integrated stove, we also prepared a paper cup experiment and a strong wind exhaust test. See, 36 paper cups are firmly adsorbed on the oil network. Not only that, the Martian integrated stove also shows a powerful smoke exhaust effect. In the tested wind test of the flue, it is easy to recommend a volleyball, which is very amazing!

10大烹饪实验秀真“功夫”「 火星人蒸烤炸一体集成灶极限挑战」

02 Mars integrated stove limit challenge -steamed grilled and frying articles

In addition to the powerful hood and cooker, the lower cabinet of the Martian integrated stove also has a master -level steaming baked and frying all -in -one box.

10大烹饪实验秀真“功夫”「 火星人蒸烤炸一体集成灶极限挑战」

In terms of capacity, it can be seamlessly put down 84 bottles of mineral water. And if only 4 layers of steamers are filled, 112 steamed buns can be steamed at the same time. And the water tank it is equipped with water can be used for 90 minutes after full water, and it can easily cook 3-4 tables for deliciousness!

In terms of temperature, the Martian integrated stove is also excellent! We used the multi -road temperature tester to test that in the fast steam mode, the temperature in its cavity took only 4 minutes and 30 seconds to rise to 100 ° C, and the maximum temperature was 120 ° C in 6 minutes. During the baking process, the maximum temperature can reach 230 degrees.

10大烹饪实验秀真“功夫”「 火星人蒸烤炸一体集成灶极限挑战」

This is due to its excellent design. The S -shaped heating pipe is used above the steamed baked frying box, which combined with the dynamic hot air circulation on the side. When baking, the heat can be evenly transported to all corners of the cavity to make the ingredients uniform and effective. In terms of steaming, it uses the internal and external dual -ring frequency conversion heating, 1500W inner ring, 1300 W in the outer ring, frequency frequency cruise heating, efficient energy saving. The bottom flat heating plate is not easy to accumulate water and heating faster!

10大烹饪实验秀真“功夫”「 火星人蒸烤炸一体集成灶极限挑战」

In the real cooking process, it took only 15 minutes to get a full table of food! Similarly, the function of roasting and air fried is also very good. Both grilled potato and fried chicken steak are full of mouthful. It can be said that the Martian integrated stove is perfect in this extreme challenge!

It turns out that with the Martian integrated stove, cooking will no longer be a difficult thing. Regardless of the daily explosive fried family, or steaming some different deliciousness in the New Year, the Mars integrated stove can be achieved for you. The most important thing is that it also has an excellent oil -sucking effect to ensure that the kitchen is clean and smoke and smoke, but also protects health!

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