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The national style is more unique in spring and summer, the winter is more unique

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

How should national winds in winter?

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

Of course, it is transformed into Di Si Gui Guo Towel!

Chinese embroidery costumes that are warm and lost, connotation

you deserve to have!

Pink embroidery set

Relying on the new Chinese set of “powder”, the flexible powder in the front end of the appearance is presented.

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

This pink embroidery cheongsam jacket is beautiful, beautifully style, three-dimensional cutting-cutly delicate fabrics, soft and typeless; elegant door is smoothly connected to pearl discs, collar and dotted, giving people an elegant temperament, Cheongsam models, highlight the curve of the body; exquisite embroidery rendering fashion high-level, narrowing, and self-calling.

With a pink embroidery long, let the whole person seem to be significantly higher. In the stabilization of the atmosphere, with a faint and classical charm, the overall modeling is more fascinating.

Green embroidery jacket

There is a green embroidery jacket with Chinese elements, the style of Tang, the advantage of the A type is more type, not a loose style, with the cheongsam wear to take out the material. Good figure is this, this is this.

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

恬 湖 绿 软 软 感 面 面;;;;;;; 裁 裁 裁 裁 裁 裁 裁 裁 裁 裁 裁 精 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华 华Typeless; the sleeve purple is eye-catching, with the vegetarian buckle, in the national wind aesthetic stroke, show self-on me!

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

Lake Green Cross Skirt + Jacket

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

Winter wearing a small fresh floral crash dress also has a flavor, sweet and playful but no woman. This Di Silla Lake green hanging skirt is surprising, irregular pleat treatment, deepen three-dimensional sense; plus a pretty floral or more than a bit of tone; flower shadows color A word version is exquisitely outlined posture.

And then match the elegant Tang suit jacket, and suddenly let you bloom the classical flowers that are in the winter and spring. The soft collar is designed, and the neck line; the rhyme is full, the colorful splendid flower color, the color increases the integrity; the sleeve spent with “disiman.ling” logo, highlighting the elegance, a smile, the manner.

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

Pink embroidery cheongsam

The pink of tenderly water is not easily disturbed by secular sessions.

This pink embroidered cheongsam can put the exquisite and charming eyes of the woman, like a tulip in the Chinese ancient blue and white porcelain bottle. Self-contained glossy fabric, decent version of self-intention; thicker fabrics and longer layers have high practicality; the waist has a waist design highlights the exquisite body.

The embroidery process is added to the cheongsam, the flower group is surrounded, and the vitality is full. The slope of the sloppy is deducted, so that the national wind is more and more strong; the velvet sleeves are generous, and the skirt will let you get rid of the binding sense. It is a temperament of the Liuli Tong dynasty.

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

The Eastern Rhymes owned by Tang suit, the gentle and elegant is like a cup of flowers, the beautiful wine, the beautiful wine, the heart!

About Di Si 嫚 服



DiSiman.Ling Dadi Gui national tide original designer brand, adhering to the “people-oriented” business philosophy, has always adhered to independent design, research and development, production, sales, through the quality of the design and intensity of avant-garde, fashion, personality, and villion Have to do it, design and quality in parallel!

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

Ms. Han Dizhen as a senior costume designer, hoping to explain the value of “fashion women’s clothing” through the strength of design, to lead the original design of the national tide, to find the identical stylish style, let The new era woman can truly break through the self and achieve a variety of changes.

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

Ms. Han Dizi is also the core of Di Si Yizhen Designer Team. I adhere to the leader of Di Silai’s use of clothing expression. The life is an unlimited and beautiful concept. Each piece of clothes has recorded a footprint of women’s growth and a good memory. I found infinite possibilities of life, truly break through the limitations of real life, build a better and rich inner. Let the fashionable women who pursue the design and quality of quality better love themselves through the way, love life.

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

Di Si Li is constantly establishing a brand emotion with consumers, and also helping more about the beauty of the beauty can truly break through the self and achieve a hundred-change shape.

Brand Honors

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

1, hanging e-commerce 2020 outstanding e-commerce business

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

2, China International Fashion Week 2020 dazzling e-commerce China fashion influence brand

迪丝嫚苓 | 唐装情缘,中式国风

3, AW21 China International Fashion Zhou Shao Fashion Brand List TOP10

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