The baby’s cotton -cutting picture is finally good, but the cutting film is a lot

Due to the recent changes in the weather, Dad and grandma have fallen ill. It should have been made of tailoring for a long time.


Still the little cotton jacket that the grandma mentioned earlier, but there are many mothers who still like it as I like

Not much to say that Xiaobao is one year old and ten months. 83 I do is 90 yards, a little bigger.


Draft of the front and back films

First draw the rectangular: long = clothing long (wherever you like to measure where you like) width = bust/4 (you can let the baby’s usual dressing size)


Hats and sleeves. The hat is still a sharp hat corner (personally I think it is cute)

Hat height 29.5cm hat width 22cm

Add the front and rear pieces of the sewing

宝宝棉衣裁剪图终于好了,只是裁片就一大堆了​帽子 口袋 袖子

Hat pocket sleeve


Libu cut (not specially marked with 1cm sewing)

If you don’t have a suitable clothes on hand, you can refer to this size table. A fat or thin baby’s enclosure is automatically added and subtracted by one code


Because Dabao asked Xiaobao to make the same style as her as her baby (the bear clothes are posted in front, you can go and see). So use this fabric to change the style slightly. What did you change? Look at


Although the sparrows are small, there are all the five internal organs. If you look at the single cut, there will be a lot of cutting films


Did you see that the pajamas are very comfortable? The key is that the soil can’t see it.

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