What are the methods of self -suction pump diversion?

What are the methods of self -suction pump diversion?

Answer: In the chemical water pump industry, “water diversion” specifically refers to “water used water”. The working principle of the chemical self -suction pump is: before the self -suction pump is started, it is filled with water in the pump shell (or water in the pump shell). After starting the high -speed rotation of the leaf wheels, the water flows to the vortex of the water. At this time, the entrance forms a vacuum, so that the water inlet door is opened, the inhaled air in the tube enters the pump, and the impeller channel is reached to the outer edge. The pipeline does not need to be installed with a bottom valve. Before work, you only need to use the quantitative liquid in the pump body for the first time. The self -suction pump is provided with a unidirectional valve in the upper part of the pump body due to the large import position of the pump body. It only needs to be used for the self -suction pump watering before the first use.

The height of the chemical self -priming pump suction process is related to the power, flow, and structure of the pump, but due to the volume and power, the self -suction process of general micro pumps is not easy to do because there is more atmospheric pressure The height of 10.3 meters can be used to the water pressure (because the pressure generated by a atmospheric pressure S10.3 meter water column), so the self -suction process is about 10.3 meters.

The method of chemical self -suction pump irrigation is as follows:

1. Irrritate directly from the pump import or exit to the pump. At this time, it should be noted that the exhaust valve next to the pump outlet should be opened;

2. It is to remove the air-as-suction pump in the mainland with a vacuum pump in the mainland, and then start the pump after-fixed vacuum. In this case, the water pipe valve needs to be closed.


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