Beijing Satellite TV’s “Deep Haili Sword” “post -90s” newcomer perfectly interprets the new era of the new era of the submarine soldiers’ swords to welcomes the wind and exhibition exhibitions

The large -scale military giant “Deep Haili Sword” will be strongly landing on the Beijing Satellite TV Quality Theater on July 27, 2017, and will be broadcast at 19:30 every night.

The show was by the Television Art Center of the Navy Political Work Department, Beijing Xinbaoyuan Film and Television Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing TV Station, Beijing iQiyi Technology Co., Ltd., Xingmeng Factory Culture Media Co., Ltd. The media Co., Ltd. jointly produced by the well -known screenwriter Feng Ji, and directed by the famous mainland director Zhao Baogang, presented by new and old actors such as Gao Yanrui, Liu Lu, Wang Yang, and Wang Qiang. Military -themed TV series of real fighting and life.

The prestige of the deep sea:

“Captain Lu Ju” Wang Qiangshu’s “372 boat” deeds moved the audience

北京卫视《深海利剑》"90后"新人完美演绎新时代潜艇兵 国之重剑迎风出鞘展我大国军威

Wang Yang was called “Shang Yan Wang”, “good anger” and funny

Wang Qiang, an actor of the Haizheng TV Art Center, is a glorious navy. He told the launch ceremony that in order to complete the task of the Chinese Navy’s 372 submarine, he sneaked into the ocean. The task of successfully completed the remote sailing of the combat reserve and created a miracle in the history of China and even the world’s submarine. It has been highly praised by President Xi and the chief of the Military Commission. He also revealed the unity and restrained characteristics of the submarine soldiers “one shot”, “the whole boat of the whole boat”.

北京卫视《深海利剑》"90后"新人完美演绎新时代潜艇兵 国之重剑迎风出鞘展我大国军威

Wang Yang, the actor of the deputy boat captain “Shangtang” in “Deep Haili Sword”, strictly requested the submarine soldiers because of the ruthless cold noodles in the play, so he harvested an interesting nickname: Shang Yan Wang. In this regard, he said: “As the deputy boat chief, especially their training instructors, I think ‘Yan Wang’ is not my attitude, but a temperament that has a temperament in the inside and outside. Knowing that you have your own responsibilities as a submarine soldier, you can’t be loose or arrogant, you need to be refined after strict requirements. “

The fun of deep sea:

“377 boat” recruits have very different personalities

Twisted Rubik’s Cube back dictionary freehatestyle “each showing magical power”

北京卫视《深海利剑》"90后"新人完美演绎新时代潜艇兵 国之重剑迎风出鞘展我大国军威

At the press conference, several young actors wore the white navy military uniforms, which made the audience shine. They chose the props that are most in line with the character of their plays from the staff, and described their roles a short step. The jokes were full of jokes and the atmosphere at the scene was relaxed and active.

Gao Yuerui, a young actor who plays the actor Lu Yitao, chose a Rubik’s Cube in the order of disruption. In the play, he is a genius of great wisdom and foolish mindset. He has a gentle personality but firm. He always adheres to his position. Glowing and fever is the core figure in the team. The Rubik’s Cube represents the image of his superb submarine soldiers, and it is also a small clue that often appears in the play. During the process of the host asked, he gradually returned to the Rubik’s cube in his hand, showing his “IQ is as tall as height”. Features. Gao Yirui talked about the character of the play in the play, and felt that he was not very similar to “Lu Yitao”. In real life, he was cheerful and sunny, and he became a good relationship with the good brothers of the crew. The relationship was particularly “iron”.

The actor Xu Yang is the player of Jiang Yao, the “King of Bing” in the play. The props he chose are a red award, because “Jiang Yao” is an excellent submarine who is very strong in the team in the team. The squad leader. Because he is not a soldier herself, Xu Yang learns from the soldiers he had contacted before in order to interpret Jiang Yao, who has contacted him before, and strictly arranges the schedule. The state of “Jiang Yao” performed more thoroughly. In the play, “Jiang Yao” is also a very special sunny boy. The emotional story of his first love girlfriend “Huang Xiaoxia” is also an important emotional line in the play.

Jin Yubo, the role of “cold noodle tough guy, Korean ice ocean”, chose a bottle of ice bottle of ice soda for himself. In the play, he was powerful and cold. His growth was not warm, no fluke, and he was always very harsh. Wrap your own heart, not to be easily seen. “Shunfeng Ear Deer Ning” is played by Han Yuchen. He is a “happy fruit” and “snack” outside the play. The props he choose is a huge lollipop. With sugar throwing all kinds of humorous paragraphs, the brothers’ lives have more laughter in the closed submarines. At the scene, he also showed you a period of “Freestyle” under the host’s “Fun”, shouting “I am MC Lu Ning” and a “Northeast RAP”, so that the audience laughed back and forth. Funny performance.

“Gao Di” played by Zhang Jiading is superb in the play and can carry the entire Xinhua dictionary, so the prop on behalf of his props is a dictionary. The host at the scene also picked out the first word on page 160 to examine him. He quickly answered the word “Hong Kong” that symbolizes the “military port” symbolizing the submarine harbor harbor, showing extraordinary memory. Yuan Bu, the actor of the last “20 -year -old physics wizard Xi Nan”, chose a mask, which evoked the curiosity of the host and the audience. There may be a odor in the boat. I put on a mask on the boat without permission. As a result, I fainted because of insufficient oxygen in the boat. When I heard a smile on the court, I was funny by “Xi Nan”.

北京卫视《深海利剑》"90后"新人完美演绎新时代潜艇兵 国之重剑迎风出鞘展我大国军威

Several young actors also expressed some of the hearts of the director Zhao Baogang on the stage. For those who were newer, Director Zhao Baogang was Bole, elders, mentors, and friends. Under the leadership of Wang Qiang, all actors respected Zhao Baogang’s director of Director Zhao Baogang.

Flower of Deep Sea:

The tenderness of “Army Flowers” in the boat is different in water.

北京卫视《深海利剑》"90后"新人完美演绎新时代潜艇兵 国之重剑迎风出鞘展我大国军威

The offensive strong read the heart and sell the skewers

北京卫视《深海利剑》"90后"新人完美演绎新时代潜艇兵 国之重剑迎风出鞘展我大国军威

In addition to the persistent and courageous submarines, there are three female characters in the play that are important “tenderness”. Liu Lu, who served as the psychological instructor of the “T plan”, chose a mask to represent the characters in the play. “Golden Qing” is a calm and wise female instructor. His heart is strictly wrapped, and he protects himself like a mask. In the play, she and the actor “Lu Yitao” and the deputy boat chief “Shangtang” have some emotional intersections. They are deep and beautiful.

北京卫视《深海利剑》"90后"新人完美演绎新时代潜艇兵 国之重剑迎风出鞘展我大国军威

On the stage, a fiery pepper pillow attracted everyone’s attention, and she played a “hot loli” Zhang Lin with a doll. “Zhang Lin”, who works at the Navy Institute of Equipment Research, is spicy and dares to love and hate. He fell in love with “cold Han and Korean ice ocean” at first sight and pursuing crazy pursuit. Essence

Huang Xiaoxia, played by actor Wang Jiayu, is Jiang Yao’s first love girlfriend in the play. She worshiped the soldiers since she was a child. For her boyfriend’s military career, she became a military sister after graduating from a famous university. Without affecting Jiang Yao, she was lonely with loneliness. With the troops drifting in the north of Tiannanhai, she changed her many jobs. shop. Wang Jiayu on the stage held a skewers to show the charm image of “baking skewers Xishi” vividly.

There is still one day from Beijing Satellite TV’s “Deep Haili Sword”!

From July 27th, every night at 19:30

北京卫视《深海利剑》"90后"新人完美演绎新时代潜艇兵 国之重剑迎风出鞘展我大国军威

Beijing Satellite TV “Deep Haili Sword”

Burning blood summer summer

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