Drive in summer, you need a pair of comfortable driving shoes

Driving is an indispensable activity of modern urban men every day. In addition to dealing with various things in the business, you must bring your girlfriend to your girlfriend every holiday, or go out with a few buddies to gather together.

Of course, the safety of shoes is very important for driving. The soles suitable for driving must be selected with a shadow. This can increase the friction. At the same time, the soles of the shoe should be soft, can easily bend at will, fit the foot curve, and can quickly and timely and timely in time. Reflecting the movement of the foot, which makes the driver’s at all. Now you need a flat leisure shoes to ensure your driving safety.

In terms of the choice of shoes, whether it is lacerous leisure shoes or one pedal casual leather shoes, the soles must be designed flat, and it must have a good non -slip function. Movement does not have obstacles, so as to ensure driving safety.

In addition to comfortable and convenient driving, it is also fashionable and handsome. It can be worn when driving, but also suitable for workers at work. Do n’t change your shoes for driving, so that you can do business and drive. Follow the editor now to find the driver’s shoes that suits you!


——— lace-up driver shoes ————-


1. Jesspol brand anti -fleece leather shoes, British retro style, natural and simple shape, fashionable frosted reflux, delicate texture, natural dull color, no exaggeration, no excessive modification, but minimalist, but there is a minimalist The atmospheric style of doctrine, the head layer of the pork leather insole, comfortable and soft, water absorption and sweating, keeping your feet dry at all times, non -slip and wear -resistant rubber outsole, comfortable to put on your feet, elastic, and very suitable for driving in summer.

¥ 498.00

Summer British anti -velvet men’s shoes low -top leather student board shoes Korean version of trendy retro scrubbing leisure shoes

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2. This daily casual business leather shoes, British trendy models, soft bottoms, soft faces, non -slip and wear -resistant, breathable pork skin inside, sterilization and deodorization, simple and versatile, and the crowd lets you wear confidence and style.

¥ 698.00


Spring and summer new men’s daily casual leather shoes Korean trendy leather air -breathable business men’s singles shoes are driving shoes


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3. In summer, you need a pair of breathable driving shoes, the style of the British tide, the small rounded holes, the breathable and comfortable, cool and comfortable, and the unique hand -sewing, which will be comfortable to interpret the style, make you comfortable, free and comfortable Essence

¥ 358.00

Men’s daily casual leather shoes men’s sandals breathable board shoes British driving men’s shoes lace single shoes low -top shoes

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4. Handmade driving shoes have always been loved by taste tide men. The rigorous sewing of handmade needle lines ensures the comfort and beauty of the shoes, super soft header leather, delicate leather, soft and skin -friendly, breathable pork leather insoles, sweat absorbers have available in sweat absorption. Elasticity makes you relax and handsome.

¥ 909.00


Zero zero -degree leisure toe -toe layer cowhide super soft men’s daily casual leather shoes handmade driving shoes men’s shoes

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5. This British white shoes suitable for summer wear, simple and generous shape, soft leather upper, unique hollow and breathable punch design, comfortable and breathable, wearing in summer without boring, light rubber soles, make you step by step even more Light.

¥ 599.00

2016 new men’s leather shoes British white shoes men’s leather air -breathable shoes hollow men’s shoes flat bottom casual shoes summer

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——— Pnealing driving shoes ————-

1. This business casual round -headed driving leather shoes, the head layer of cowhide upper, delicate leather, soft hand, fits the foot shape, the head layer of pig leather inside, the sea wave bubble insoles Shock absorption, shock absorption function, wear -resistant rubber outsole, 180 degrees of curve and no tap, making you drive more freely. At the front of the shoes, use a strong Mark thick line to hand -made it, handmade hand -pulling processes, whether driving and business leisure are more confident at all times.

¥ 480.00


Drive shoes Men’s leather round head Soft bottom, comfortable set of bean beans shoes 2016 spring and summer new business casual leather shoes


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2. Men’s casual driving shoes with Italian fashion British style, comfortable round head version, head layer of leather upper that has been waxed and polished, wear -resistant and non -slip composite rubber bottom, comfortable and breathable, highlighting the noble quality of men.

¥ 458.00


Alekton spring Korean version of men’s shoes men’s casual leather shoes men’s trend round head driving shoes


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3. The soft -noodle lazy shoes designed by this horse -built buckle, a soft and breathable massage foundation, makes driving more comfortable. The design of the fashionable and soft back heels allows shoes to both gentleman casual leather shoes or lazy half -custard, one shoe two.

¥ 389.00


Summer soft bottom men’s bean shoes large size men’s shoes casual leather shoes soft noodles lazy shoes driving shoes summer breathable shoes

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4. Soft -bottom lazy bean shoes are also fashionable styles of fashion trendy men. The shape is luxurious and retro. There are rubber soles designed for driving people.

¥ 368.00

Soft -bottom Lazy Doudou Shoes Summer Leather Shoes casual shoes Men’s shoes British driving feet breathable tide shoes 2016 spring

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5. French romantic driving shoes, in line with human engineering design, put on comfortable and not grinding feet, matte leather upper and inside head layer cowhide, fit the foot shape, comfortable foot feel. In the days of wind and dayli, driving your car with you to go out with you, you must have a unique face.

¥ 778.00


French CCE soft shoe bean shoes men’s leisure spring casual men’s shoes British driving shoes matte lazy shoes 5131

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