Leather shoe can be worn

Li Xia, as a senior man, certainly cannot drop the chain. As long as you have such a pair of sandals, you can easily achieve fashionable and absolutely free shapes.

About 1400 yuan, about 3581 yuan for T -shirts, about 5209 yuan in trousers

About 3711 yuan for sunglasses, about 5534 yuan / both of the bracelets are Gucci


Sandals with classical charm and riding world view

This sandals are made of Bordeaux. The combination of leather cutting details and horse chewing not only conveys the classic spirit, but also shows Gucci’s unwavering brand personality. Sandals about 7292 yuan / GUCCI

Put on leather sandals, the early autumn of the men is more chic

White T -shirt and jeans, sometimes inadvertently put a jacket. This basic combination can try to change leather sandals at your feet this season. In this operation, it will overflow the absolute chic and elegant atmosphere, and complete the shape of the male.

What is the impression of everyone’s sandals? It must be considered a very fashionable item. In fact, leather shoe will give people a chic and fashionable feeling after putting it on. Because of this, some people will find it difficult to buy a pair. However, because we are a “model”, there is no problem. Of course, leather sandals always make people feel more formal, high -level sense, and the hairy guy put on it, it seems to be unwilling to show weakness, but the experienced uncle put it on it. The nail on the board is chic.


Therefore, don’t worry about it, just make good use of it. A pair of high -quality sandals, to ensure that the style with luxury shoes is selected. The soles and rear heels are also very strong. You must not have a touch of hitting the ground. Add extremely advanced elegant highlights to the brisk and relaxed shape.

01 How to choose from leather sandals

Skill shoes are rather than sandals, it is better to be cooler leather shoes, which is important. Therefore, when choosing, be sure to choose a luxurious leather woven shoelace, as well as a strong style of rear heels and soles.

Conditional condition

① The style of leather shoelaces

The toe is not open, including the entire upper at the toes is completely covered by leather, as if it is a proof of leather sandals. The design of the rear heel also fully shows the solemn shoes.

② Strong sole

The sole is basically a rectifier design with a heel. The flat -bottomed style must also be selected for the sole with a sense of quantitative, which looks firm.

About 6771 yuan / church’s

Church ’s

Retro leather sandals filled with luxurious color


In a relaxed shape, a pair of classical fisherman sandals add more luxurious highlights. Shoes use Church’s BookBinder (two -layer leather) cowhide. The wonderful and deeper changes and the esoteric color make the rich expression achieve the best luxury and free effect.

02 Basically wearing method


The dressing of leather sandals can choose a light dress that meets the characteristics of leisure. However, the balance of relaxation and solemnity is just right. First of all, let’s try half of the ease, half of the solemn T -shirt and trousers.

T -shirt is about 6771 yuan, trousers about 6771 yuan, bracelets about 3125 yuan


The watch is about 423209 yuan, and the sunglasses are about 2324 yuan / both are DOLCE & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

Dressed in the Mediterranean, Glace Fighter sandals


The striking Mediterranean Sea surface is generally deep blue, luxurious all -leather fighter sandals. The upper uses soft leather. A white pressure line is applied on the blue skin, forming a sharp contrast, giving people a very fresh feeling. Sandals about 6511 yuan / dolce & gabbana

Leather sandals & trousers to create mature T -shirt shape

Try the lower body of the usual T -shirt with shorts with shorts, and try to try growth pants and leather sandals. You will find that although your T -shirt shape is full of relaxation and openness, it also adds a retro atmosphere and becomes mature.

03 Bring bright vitality to the brisk casual shape

Leather shoe brings a higher quality to the leisure shape, but it is not limited to T -shirt shape. In the early autumn sweaters, jackets, loose shirts, etc., it can bring elegant and mature atmosphere to all brisk shapes.


Sweaters are about 2018 yuan / drumohr, T -shirt is about 651 yuan / Colony Clothing


Shorts of about 1042 yuan / tomerrowland, sunglasses about 3386 yuan / eyevan7285

Necklace is about 82037 yuan, and the bracelet is about 67062 yuan / both are FRD

Watch about 283875 yuan / Vacheron Constantin

Voile Blanche

With the charm of sandals and sneakers, two arrows double carvings

This sandals have not only have leather sandals, but also equipped with the latest high -tech soles of high -end sports shoes. The upper uses bright Italian cowhide. The unique advantages of sports shoes brands are also very comfortable to make this shoe wear walking experience. Sandals about 2213 yuan / Voile Blanche

Random shorts also mature instantly

The matching degree of leather sandals and sweaters is super good. With the blessing of leather sandals, the shape of shorts becomes mature at once.

About 4427 yuan / Estnation, T -shirt is about 1042 yuan / Tomorrowland


Scarf is about 1172 yuan / Fratelli Luigi × Tomorrowland

Tree trousers are about 2249 yuan / tangent, watch about 359402 yuan / Vacheron Constantin

About 1332 yuan / Sympathy of Soul

F.lli giacometti

Conventional leather sandals representing modern formal sandals

The design characteristics of the toes are completely covered. It is the routine design of the brand, and the upper uses the grain skin of French Tannerie. In addition, the kangaroo skin incision between the epidermis and the lining brings a different color to the whole. Sandals about 5144 yuan /f.lli giacometti

Suit jacket × leather sandals can also penetrate high -quality

Matching with a suit jacket adds a full sense of high -level style to the style of natural nature.

Shirts about 2083 yuan / backta, trousers about 2214 yuan / caban

Musto is about 2214 yuan / moscot, the watch is about 30660 yuan / zenith

Unecined chain is not priced / ex’position


The luxurious sport on the rubber soles of the rubber shoes

It has the characteristics of sandals and buckle Mengke shoes, the upper of the traditional style leather sandals, and a Paraboot’s original rubber sole “sneakers sole”. The outline and comfortable dressing experience of a sense of quantitative sense are great charm. Sandals about 2344 yuan / paraboot

Light and cool, showing mature chic

The loose band -shaped collar shirt and casual pants of the “welcoming the wind”. In this relaxed dress, if you step on a pair of sandals under your feet, it immediately adds a cool breath and becomes more chic and fashionable.

04 This season’s leather sandals are all rich in changes

This season’s cold shoe is rich in style and new products are the scenes that have never been seen in recent years. Not only the basic formal style, but also sports shoes, one pedal, boots and other styles, and the changes are also very rich. Therefore, no matter what style you choose, it will bring subtle changes to your shape.

The suit jacket is about 3386 yuan, and the trousers are about 1823 yuan / both are ESTNATION

Shirts about 3255 yuan / 1piu1uguale, sunglasses about 3877 yuan / matsuda

The watch is about 57296 yuan / zenith, and the ring is about 2604 yuan / Patricia · Bedonie

Dr. Martens

Contains the brand DNA, although rock and roll, a very comfortable one

This sandals with ultra -light soles come from ZeBrilus Collection. This one equipped with shark tooth -shaped soles is full of rock, but it is superb. The yellow pressure line along the bar shows the brand’s DNA. Sandals about 1302 yuan / Dr. Martens

Latin -style suit styles also look more cool and handsome

The Latin style suit of leather sandals and the laid shirt is also very good. The most important thing is to bring a cool and elegant atmosphere to the usual costume, which is this treasured leather sandals.

About 6836 yuan / Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

Luxury and soft new leather sandals


It can be said that it is a new type of leather sandals, which is made by soft beef suede, which is convenient for “one pedal” style. The shoe mouth is a rubber design, which is very smooth through and takes off, especially the polyurethane soles make you go lighter.

About 3036 yuan / trading post

Trading post

Ya Ya Dao Shoe Style

A leather sandals that use the rear heels of the positive shoes and the tip of the toes are strictly wrapped. The good surface leather upper and the sole of the shaped leather inherited the elegant side of the positive shoes.

About 977 yuan / converse



Elegant Coupe of the theme of leather sandals

Small and high -level, the All Star Coupe created by leather sandals. Although it is easy to impress, the upper actually uses the best leather, and the lining is also the entire use of pork skin, which is very luxurious.


Unexpected / kiryuyrik


High -tech shining with the light of fashion and emotional light

This sandals use A4 -sized leather, which are delicate and smooth. To the high -top design of the ankle, the design of the rear zipper makes it convenient to wear and take off. In addition, the quantitative black Italian Vibram sole adds a fashionable atmosphere.

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