Swept Europe and the United States, suitable for the whole family to play with Gravitrax gravity rail toys in China

A few days ago, Parents was invited to participate in a mysterious evaluation task. Star products that are popular in Europe and America-

Gravitrax interactive orbit toys finally come to China!

As the first new generation of family media to participate in the trial play, we have selected three groups of enthusiastic parents and readers and friends in the Parents community to participate in toys trials throughout the process. Let’s take a look at our novelty discovery.

simply say,


Through the clever construction of the gravity ball track system, the longer the small ball stays, the better.


Some mothers may have revealed the mystery when they see the packaging. If you do n’t know much about this brand and give you a book.


Gravitrax = Gravity+Track (track) is a very innovative revolutionary product of Ravensburger.

It is the first to be listed in the European and American market in 2018 and is the company’s most popular product. In September this year, the Gravitrax Asian version was listed in China.

Gravitrax’s “Dad” Ravensburger is a German toy brand, the Chinese name “Rui Si”. I understand it as wisdom and ingenuity. It is already in their 130s today.









Toy Delivery Experience Officer


Mother and baby new media editor vivian girl


Trial experience: decompress and addicted, daily recommendation


Let’s first come to a family portrait and introduce today’s trial protagonist-

Gravitrax interactive rail toys.

Open the packaging, I see the 3 small, 4 boxes above the above. The biggest box is an entry suit. The packaging box feels comfortable and the details are in place.

The box reads:

STEM toys suitable for 8-99-year-olds

Essence But now the children are relatively smart, and they are not able to experience it at the age of 6.


Focus on the packaging list of Gravitrax entry sets.

There are two books in the box,

One is a manual

Including multi -language, there are Chinese versions, you can compare the use of each part.

There is another task manual

(Show in the figure above), players can choose the task freely and gradually improve the difficulty.

The following is a collection of parts ~


入门套装包括:4个基座,2个透明面板,6个小球,还有多个大小底柱、弯道、交叉轨道、转换器、发射台、终点线、接收器、自由落体装置、飞A large box, landing point, etc. are full of large boxes.


The three small boxes are the expansion of the building accessories.

Gravitrax gravity launcher,

Give a magnetic ball a kinetic energy to accelerate the small ball.

Gravitrax magnetic transmitter,

When the magnetic ball encounters the magnetic ball of the transmitter, the farthest ball will be popped up.

Gravitrax ring rail transmitter:

Give the new potential energy of magnetic ball, so that the ball is farther.


Gravitrax is most surprising that the overall construction is completely unbound, and children can extend infinitely.

As long as you buy different basic construction accessories and extended packages, you can expand this gravity track system infinitely.

Look at the oversized insertion of foreign players and feel the spectacular Gravitrax.


Vivian has inserted some basic tasks, feels the design details of the accessories, and there are 3 trial experience.

1. Different plastic bases and plugins are lightweight without odor.

2. The buckle is easy to insert, and the design is humanized.

The bottom cardboard of this toy is very good, neat edges, and will not hurt children. The cardboard is the design of the puzzle that can be extended indefinitely. The polygon above can be fired and unloaded according to different tasks. The buckle size is appropriate, and it is firmly built.

3. Daily recommendation, younger children need parents guidance


Fortunately, Gravitrax’s task manual is very user -friendly because it is a three -dimensional insertion,


You need to spend some time to understand the schematic diagram and adapt to the task manual, which is more convenient to get started.


Warm reminder, remember to find a place with a large area and comfortable sitting with your children, because you may have backaches after standing for a long time, and it is not good for the cervical spine ~


Design worker Page Gender Slightly

Trial experience: interesting and interesting, shocking addiction


Page is a post -95s who love to play with people, like sports, puzzle toys, and collecting car models. In her opinion, this large -scale plug -in game is dazzling enough to mobilize the enthusiasm of young people.


As a designer, Page likes the design and production level reflected by Gravitrax, and the product comfort level is high.

Next is the trial of Pei Qi and vivian. They chose the simpler one in the task manual.

1. Burning brain addiction, recommended children after school to play


At the beginning of each task, you must first find the need for plug -in. A transparent panel is used later. From easy to difficult to choose, it is easier to play a sense of accomplishment.


2. Understand the process chart and decompose the movement.


All tasks must start from the base in the figure above and gradually complete the layers of construction.

3. Exercise logical thinking, and constantly adjust and test during the process of insertion.


The construction of Gravitrax is a complete closed track system from the start to the end.

The path of fighting must be high and low. Parents need to guide children to think to ensure that the small ball passes from the starting stage to the fall.


Finally, after 5 steps, the task was completed.


Let’s take a look at the demonstration process, is it very interesting?


Full of parents Parents Club VIP

Trial experience: A great STEM toy, the son is 7 years old, the whole family has been fighting!

Full of elementary school this year, is a young player recommended by Gravitrax toys. Full of parents tried a slightly difficult task together. The process steps are about 7 or 8.

1: The thinking of the male father of the science and engineering male+mother’s clever hand, more effort.

Dad is a senior player in Lego, and he has very fast to teach his mother how to cooperate with the construction. He even told me excitedly that he knew that this toy had swept Europe and the United States in 2018.


Is the light darker? You read it right, we really played from the day to the evening.

2. Communicate more with children to make the processing process more interesting.

During the trial process, the full parents have been communicating and discussing. They said,


If the son is at the scene, he can help him to prepare accessories and try to try from the base of the task.

Gradually improve the difficulty participation.

Let’s enjoy the flight travel after being triggered by the ball. I believe that no children can refuse the temptation of Gravitrax.

After the box trial, the three groups of players said that they would immediately start this Gravitrax interactive rail toy.

The retail price of the entry package is 599 yuan, which is also very surprising.

As Gravitrax, which is the first to introduce China, there are 6 recommended products recommended by this group, namely –

Basic suit:

Gravity Construction Rail-Introduction Set

Extended package:

Gravity Construction Rail-Primary Extended Package

Gravity Construction Rail-Building Accessories Expansion Package



Gravity hammer transmitter

Ring rail transmitter

Magnetic marble transmitter (1 in the entry set contains 1)

A STAM toy that is suitable for the whole family, to exercise the logical thinking of friends and small friends, open the way of wisdom and interesting parent -child companionship

Long press to identify the two -dimensional code below for details, and start the magic journey of Gravitrax.

Toy Delivery Experience Officer

Toy Delivery Experience Officer

Extended package:




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