What are the car amplifier brands

Different people drive different cars, and the music listened to the car is also different. Let’s introduce a few car power amplifier brands.

1. I like to listen to rock, DJ, and slow -shaking music, you can choose a typical American style brand, representing Rockford Fosgate, K brand Kicker, JBL, etc.

2. I like to listen to the delicate music of fever, popular music, and light music, you can choose a typical European -style brand, representing Helix Helix, Blax BRAX, MB Quart, etc.


The above 1 and 2 are the choices of amplifiers and speakers, and they are very representative of typical equipment.

The host brand is currently doing well in the Al School, Pioneer, Ge Le, and Mai Jingtu. Digital products are outstanding.

The above is the introduction of the automotive amplifier brand for everyone to understand. Please choose the appropriate car power amplifier brand according to your preference.

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