Ibaka presented the team’s super long scarf to play “scarf art”

Live broadcast February 12th. Today, the Raptors Ibaka posted a photo of the team wearing a long scarf on the social media.

Ibaka wrote: “We are the super energy team wearing a big scarf.”

It is worth mentioning that the teenager Ainobabi thought that Ibaka had stolen his dress concept a long time ago. He commented below: “You wear scarves under my influence, and I show you a scarf to you.Wonderful use, come, thank me. “

According to reports, after the Raptors won the 15 -game winning streak, Ibaka gave each person a long scarf to inspire teammates, and they all imitated Ibaka to play the so -called “scarf art”.The scarf produced by a company in Canada is 202 cm long and 80 cm wide. This is an ultra -large style recognized by Ibaka himself.

伊巴卡赠全队超长围巾 全队玩起“围巾艺术”

Earlier Ibaka talked about wearing a long scarf and said, “No matter what money or fashion, I play with art.”

伊巴卡赠全队超长围巾 全队玩起“围巾艺术”


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