The milk incense milk stick that can be completed in a few steps, I will never worry about cooking again in the future

The milk flavor milk stick shared today is super simple. You do n’t need to pass it. Just stir and mix, cut everything, and finish it. The taste is crispy and the milk flavor is strong!

By Qiu Qiu’s kitchen diary



100 grams of low -gluten flour

30 grams of milk powder

40 grams of butter


40 ml of milk

20 grams of white sugar

Practice step

1. Prepare ingredients for later use

2. Add milk, granulated sugar, milk powder, and thermal insulation water to the melted butter

3. Add low -gluten flour in step


4. Was it evenly until no dry powder particles

5. Add the remaining flour again


6. Mix evenly into a dough


7. Put the plastic wrap up and down, roll the dough into a 5mm rectangular thick piece, put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes

8. After refrigerating, the dough hard, take out the cut strip

9. Put in the market in turn

10. Send it in a preheated oven, bake up and down 160 degrees up and down for 25 minutes

11. Bake and get it out for cooling. The milk flavor milk stick is ready. It is very crispy and the milk flavor is strong. You can be a baby’s grinding stick!

12, finished picture!

13. finished picture!



The temperature is adjusted according to your own oven’s temper


The nutritional effect of low -gluten flour


Nourishing the heart, nourishing the kidney, removing heat, quenching thirst, treating dirty, annoying heat, thirst, dysentery, bloating, trauma bleeding and burns, etc.


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