Take a look at a thousand yuan light luxury women’s bag, good back and easy to match

As the saying goes, healing all diseases.


Although the cheap is very fragrant, it is really easy to hit the bag, and tens of thousands of bags are a bit expensive.

The price shared today is not too expensive, but it is not a street bag ~

Come and put a new thousand yuan bag for your harem ~

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Marc jacobs


Marc by Marc Jacobs is a sub -line brand created by Marc Jacobs for young consumers. Marc By Marc Jacobs series, which was launched in 2000, retained the early post-school style of Mark Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs has always attached great importance to mixing and matching items. “Women’s Daily” calls it “the collection of classic treasures in the history of fashion, and is redesigned by Jacobs.


The style is simple and atmospheric, and the details are very robbed!


Founded in 1976 MCM


It is a luxury living product and leather accessories brand defined by German cultural spirit. The brand combines the spirit of the times and the origin of Germany, focusing on functional innovation design, and always chasing cutting -edge cutting -edge technology.

Because it starts with leather goods, its biggest feature is pure handmade. The second major feature is that each product has a bronze medal, which is marked with a unique number. Only a few international big names will have a different encoding on each of their products.


Furla founded the company in 1927, and the founder of the family Mr. Furlanetto, who operated the accessories of leather products earlier. In 1980, the Furla brand was officially established.


Furla design idea is taken from the natural scenery of Italy. Furla has branches in Italy, Japan, the United States, France, Spain, Hong Kong, China, Mainland China, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.

It is many ladies who can carry a light luxury, and the color is bright.

Michael Kors (MK)


Michael Kors is a luxury brand of the same name created by a fashion designer himself.

Michael Kors was officially established in 1981 and is headquartered in New York City. Michael Kors brought the luxury industry into a new stage and successfully shaped the concept of self -expression and distinctive life, and distinguished the brand and the past classic American luxury brand to Michael Kors. Representative of style.



Rising in Italy, designing a clothing brand for young women, has a clear image, and its strong development momentum has become an indifferent fact and has won a good reputation in the fashion industry with her charming style and strong wearing characteristics.

Although this is a new brand, it is particularly hot on INS ~

Its women’s bag is very good, and the swallow bag is also out of stock on the entire network.

Rebecca Minkoff

His highly respected by the new generation of Hollywood stars, Ribeca Mingke Bag is an IT BAG often introduced by American fashion magazines. Bennitille, Arnisdie Dien is almost a man with a hand -in -hand.

There is no doubt that Rebecca Minkoff is a must -have “weapon” for the new generation of Hollywood female stars out of the street. You can see it in various street shots ~


Tory Burch

Tory Burch is a luxury fashion lifestyle brand in the United States. It inspires the inspiration of people around the world with a design full of personality, aesthetics and confidence. Founded in February 2004, the brand fully reflects the personal style and spirit of the brand executive chairman and chief creative officer Tory Burch.

In the domestic brand, it is not very hot, but in the previous TV series “Little Relief”, Song Jia’s role played the highest appearance rate was Tory Burch’s various types of tote bags.

TB has since become a “Internet celebrity” in China ~

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