21 models of Santana in one year later

Talk about the experience of using Santana for 21 models. I bought it last year. At that time, the naked car was 55,000, all of which went down 64,000 on the road, including full insurance, car purchase tax, license plate, leaving 5 times to maintain, cushion, all glass membranes were originally originally glass membranes. It was sent to the door glass film. I was soft and hard to send the whole car. I installed the large -screen taxi recorder all in the whole car, paved foot pads, seat covers, etc.


The reason for buying Santana is that 70 % of the people on our road can see several Santana along the way, all said that skin is durable, fuel saving, three major pieces of stability, and worry -free. The tire of the wheel iron is small, the height is okay, and the average road tooth is okay.


I bought a manual low -matching style version, and there is nothing in the configuration. It is not comparable to other domestic brands. It is a car. The 1.5 engine fuel consumption is about 6. The gear is clear and easy to hang. One, there is a fog light, bring uphill assistance, ESP body stabilizer system, tire pressure monitoring, engine start and stop, sound of two rear row, trunk size is okay, the door seal is not strictly installed and sealing.


The feeling of using it is simple function, the price is expensive, and the price has increased by about 10,000 this year. The central control screen is installed by itself. The armrest box is installed. I am one meter seven or three. The clutch distance is far away, and the throttle is delayed in about 1 second. It feels that it will have motivation after stepping on the throttle.


The power also uses it exactly enough. There is no problem with the mountain road often. The three people and two gear are easy. As long as they are willing to step on the accelerator, it is okay. After, running at the high speed is up to 130 speeds and 3,000, and some friends run to 160 a bit.

If the tire pressure monitoring, the tire will be prompted. The remote control lock door can be locked if it is not closed, but the lights will not flash. The door lock car will flash. The engine sound was too loud. I was started at minus 23 degrees last winter and started once in the morning. The area of ​​glass water spray was large, and some cars were sprayed out.

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