I don’t understand the Great Wall M4 at all

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性能和配置我是一点都不懂 提长城M4

Let’s start with the car selection, I am super white for the car. The driver’s license was taken in 11 years, and I touched the car about 10 times before taking it. It does not exceed one day together. So it is a standard “book.” Therefore, I do n’t understand the performance and configuration of the car meat. First of all, I prefer a car without butt, so the car does not consider it, and does not like a big car. One is novice and the other is the price. Therefore, SUVs and the like do not consider going through the Internet and went to the secondary auto show, and the eyes were locked. I like it, the size is suitable, and the price is also available. The automatic transmission and manual transmission have not been considered at all, but when you listen to some people, the manual gear is opened. Therefore, I went straight to the Great Wall SSSS to book a car on August 21.

I tangled for a long time when I chose the color. First of all, black is dirty, and the orange on the road is really unreasonable. Silver is too tacky. Blue has never seen it, I don’t know what. However, it is said that the purchase volume is relatively small. So in the end, red and white were locked. I tend to be more red. The red ones are metal paint, which is better than white paint. Later, after the home -raising and recommendation of the car, and the recommendation of the car MM, I chose 14 white hands. The elite version cannot be ordered. The luxury and sensibility are almost a little cost -effective. What is hateful is that the price is not cheap, only four pieces of sets.

On the second day of booking the car, the sales MM called and said that a batch of cars had arrived (I don’t know if there was any catfulls). On the third day, I contacted my friends to drive directly to the SSSS store. Friends understand the car and drive the experience of driving black cars for several years. After trying a few cars, my friend said that the parking speed was a little shaking. It seemed that it meant, and I didn’t know where to shake. He said that the small displacement may be like this, he drove a 2.4 car. Therefore, I directly selected an SSSS washed one, pay, take pictures, and drive. (The home is too far away from the SSSS store, so I dare not drive. The friend drove back. His daughter -in -law drove his car and was more ashamed.) In addition, the SSSS gate to the gas station, refueling to jump to jump is only 280, SSSS cannot give it Come on, this is necessary. So I don’t know if other students are in this situation. When I went home, I asked my friends and felt that it was okay. I don’t know if this “can” be “for fear of hitting me or perfunctory me. It is said that there may be more problems in domestic cars in the future, and it is nothing to do with major problems.

性能和配置我是一点都不懂 提长城M4

On the third day of the car, I paid the tax by myself. I got the license and got it all for half a day. The next day, there was a licensed license. I went to practice the car, but the tragedy was tragedy. It’s a bit timid to go to the road, so I went to the place where no one -the windproof forest unique to the Northeast is more different. Practice the tree as a person to turn around to cultivate the car feel. Although the rain was just raining the day before yesterday, the sandy land was seeping fast and didn’t care too much. After driving in the car, I encountered a small pit. I believe in the characteristics of the high M4 chassis, and the 2 gear passed slowly. Continue to move, another, past. After turning around several bends, the tragedy came, the pudding one after another, and one was bigger than one, one deeper than the other. Because I know that there are villages nearby can pass the road, that is, there are too many roads, and think about which water pits to return to the original road, so it is impossible to return to the original road. Listening to the small puddle, the mud and the shout of the engine in the water, this distress. The mud points jumped on the front glass. Fortunately, when I encountered the direction of the old farmers who picked mushrooms, I went to the village and went to the road from the village to go home smoothly. Get off at home to check for a circle. The most tragic thing is that the front license plate has become a curtain, and the plastic of the fixed screw is torn out. The picture is magnified to see clearly. I wore a rope under the license plate and tied to the car. It is a simple treatment, wait for the first guarantee to see how to deal with it. Here, I seriously despise the Great Wall manufacturers and vehicle management plants. If you make a bigger place to put the license plate, the vehicle management office will send a few more screws. Therefore, it is recommended that students who pick up the car in the future, especially the heavy rainwater, install a license plate. Can prevent similar situations. In addition, he also praised the small 4, not disappointed me. If I drove a car, it would definitely not come out.

性能和配置我是一点都不懂 提长城M4

The trunk cushion of online shopping, 45 to hand, good quality, special car.

性能和配置我是一点都不懂 提长城M4

The steering wheel sleeve, navigation, pendant, covered pads, storage pads, and foot pads are all purchased online. The foot pads and steering wheel covers sent by SSSS are unavailable. First of all, the smell is unbearable. Fortunately, the quality I bought is OK. Essence Achieve my personal aesthetic requirements.

Talking about navigation here, it turned out that I bought a hand -to -hand navigation by myself, so I can save some. As a result, the car came back and found that the 14 medium -control panels were integrated. So in accordance with the principle of not making big changes. I bought a general suction cup navigation (generally not used, mobile phone navigation is great, I put it out for the photo)

性能和配置我是一点都不懂 提长城M4

There is also a driving recorder, a rear view mirror, with a reversing image. However, if you install a reversing image, you need to break the line of the lamp, afraid to affect the warranty, so you will not install it.

I love the paper pump that puts the CD! I also bought a ventius storage bag of the same style. But the outlet of the outlet cannot be fixed, and it is not put. Small regret.

性能和配置我是一点都不懂 提长城M4

It is very suitable for the rear pads. The cushion is sent by SSSS. SSSS can also be used in the cushion and wax drag.

性能和配置我是一点都不懂 提长城M4

Bottom of the armrest box and neck pillow. The armrest box was really uncomfortable at first, and the handbrake was blocked. After getting used to it, you can feel that there is an armrest box. The brand of Suo Suo is also purchased online, not advertising.

Anti -foot kicking pad, haha. Without much money, the effect is good. The storage compartment here is where I am most dissatisfied with the 4th, if you put a small thing. It may not be available.

The rainshield and the door bowl, it is very simple.

Full car film, Miki 5 series, Jingyu+medium black. Lighter than imagined, but novice driving is the first, so it can be accepted.

性能和配置我是一点都不懂 提长城M4

See, the antenna is broken. The parking space was inserted directly into the parking space before. After practicing for a few days, I felt good and tried to pour it into the parking space. As a result, the steel wire drying rope pulled by an owner was hung up. Take the pliers upstairs and cut off the clothes rope. Generally do not listen to the radio, wait for the antenna of shark fin in the future.

性能和配置我是一点都不懂 提长城M4

There are no major changes in the whole car, or big movements. Decoration with various cushions, electronic equipment, car film. Less than 2000. The central control is more beautiful than the luxury version, after all, there are a lot of money. But the functions are the same, and there are so many decorations. Also, there are no trunk covers with 14 hand Shu Shu, and it is more than 100 online. Some people like it, some don’t like it.

Take the car for half a month now, talk about driving feelings. Due to Xiaobai, there are not many journeys. First of all, shock absorption feels very clear. It feels obvious. The vehicle is not fleshy, and it is impossible to talk about. For novices, the power and acceleration are enough. Space problems, there is no problem in the front row, the back row is slightly smaller, and the trunk is also smaller. However, ordinary families are entirely enough, not to mention that they can also load the roof. The storage compartment of the front row door is a big failure, and the hands cannot be stretched in. There are fewer storage places in front. The bottom control can be placed at the bottom. Other feelings are nothing. The air conditioner is not very open, the refrigeration effect is okay. The power attenuation, Xiaobai feels not obvious. In terms of fuel consumption, the road 3.4 blocks normally. I see that it is about 6, sometimes more and less.

To sum up, as a whole, it is still satisfied with Xiao 4.

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性能和配置我是一点都不懂 提长城M4

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性能和配置我是一点都不懂 提长城M4


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