The art paint is fired again! With its unique sense of texture, the new Internet celebrity in the decoration world

The silence of silence, the two new types of decorative materials of the two complement each other, have also become a new Internet celebrity in the decoration world. Its texture, compressiveness and wear resistance are unmatched by latex paint, especially the unique texture.

As a member of the art paint army, art coatings inevitably gradually entered everyone’s sight. Today we will talk about small knowledge about art paint.


What is art paint?

Simply put, the surface coating is within 3㎜, and those with visual effects can be called art paint.

Compared with traditional coatings, its texture is stronger, and different effects can be made through craftsmanship and skills. There are many types of art coatings, briefly introduced several common types.


1. Micro cement

It is one of the cement species. The main ingredients are cement, water -based resin, additives, mineral pigments, etc. Rich color, wide application, suitable for all spaces, most styles.

Abrasion resistance, bacteriostatic, body waterproof, no wrinkles, suitable for the ground surface of any space, the humid environment will not be moldy, and the fire prevention level is high.

2. Cement paint

It is also called clear water concrete, which is often used on the wall. Although the abrasion resistance and compressiveness are not as good as the micrometer, the water resistance and alkali resistance are excellent. The drying film is firm, the lacquer film is firm, the weather resistance is good, and the gloss is long -lasting. It is usually used in industrial style and silent wind.


3, texture paint

It is an artistic paint with texture effects. The main ingredients are shell powder and natural gum, green and environmentally friendly.

It can be anti -paste, scratch -resistant, and moldy. It has a strong covering and cracking effect on the fine cracks of the wall, but the construction is complicated.


4. Malay paint

Also known as Venice Mud, the hoof seal left by the texture like a Mercedes -Benz was named “Malay paint”.

The paint surface has a stone effect, and commonly used types include monochrome, mixed color, phantom, etc.


It has the functions of waterproof, anti -corrosion, anti -pollution and abrasion resistance. When choosing, the color can be slightly darker. After a long time, it will fade a little, and the construction is simple. The domestic price is 30-100 yuan/m², and imports at 200-500 yuan/m².


5. Wallpaper paint

Also known as liquid wallpaper or print coating, it can produce unique decorative effects after scraping with special molds. It is an environmentally friendly coating that integrates wallpaper and latex paint.

It can be used for more than fifteen years without fading, not peeling, and no cracking, but the cost is high, the construction cycle is long, and a professional construction team is required.

Next, we systematically talk about the advantages and disadvantages of art paint ~ As a new type of wall decoration material, its advantages and disadvantages are very obvious.


Compared with ordinary coatings, its price is more expensive and requires higher requirements for the construction team. The aesthetic and technologies of the construction staff can directly affect the construction effect.



The aesthetics will not be said. The raw materials and natural tree glue are natural and environmentally friendly. In addition, high hardness resistance, moisture -proof and mildew can be scrubbed, peeling, no cracking, fire prevention and flame retardant.


Art coatings construction matters

The types of art coatings are different in nature, and there are differences in construction. But in general: substrate processing, primer, coloring, top paint, effect embellishment, polishing, light paint and other processes.


01 Treatment of dust stains on the surface of the grassroots, waterproof, and flattening with putty.

02 Make sure that the surface of the grassroots is dry after drying the surface of art paint.

03 The first dwelling paint, according to different effects, make different patterns, textures, etc. on the wall.


04 After the previous step is completely dry, start the top paint for the second time, and fill the gap with a batch knife.

05 If the dark art paint, it is best to add the face paint again, and the light color is enough twice.

06 Gently polished the frosted place with the No. 500 sandpaper.

07 Some three -dimensional coatings need to spray a layer of dust -proof paint light to form a protective layer.




Make sure the base surface is flat, firm, clean, and dry. Before the bottom paint, coatings, and facial paint must be confirmed that the previous process is completely dry. When coating, it should be uniform and not local precipitation. In order to ensure the gloss, the painting time of the coatings should not be too long, and it is used. The temperature is lower than zero -degree emulsion, which will lose viscosity and film formation capacity, and must ensure that the construction temperature is above 5 degrees. After completion, it must be protected to prevent scratching in later construction.

Of course, the knowledge of art paint is far more than that. Interested friends can leave a message below what you want to know. Next time, let’s continue to explain the remaining art coatings types and small knowledge ~

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