Paper press “bite” hand fire breaks and rescue people

Yulin News Network-Yulin Evening News (Reporter Li Kaicheng Correspondent Guo Ping) At noon on the 19th, a employee of the Kowloon Paper Paper Factory of Chengdong Industrial Park in Bobai County was accidentally pressed by the paper crusher when he was working. After receiving the alarm, the Bobai Fire Brigade quickly dispatched 10 fire trucks and 10 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene for rescue.

At 12:15, fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene and saw a man lying on the papermaker conveying platform. The left wrist and half of the forearm were stuck in the paper axis of the paper press, and the gap between the paper axis 2- 2- 3 cm, the upper axis is a solid axis, and the lower axis is a hollow axis. The man’s expression was painful, and the medical staff present had injected a bit of injection of the trapped man.

Fire officers and soldiers use the cutting machine to disassemble on the other end of the paper pressure machine. At the same time, use the belt and rope to pull the upper shaft to lift and fix it. After the upper shaft is cut off The pain at the same time prevent the intensity of the cutting machine from breaking and pressing the upper axis to cause secondary damage to the trapped man. After more than 10 minutes, the two pressure paper axes were broken and cut off. At 12:32, he successfully rescued the trapped man and handed over medical staff for treatment.

The factory employees said that they found that the workers were taken after being stuck and had taken a variety of measures, and they could not work. They could only ask for help from the fire department.

压纸机“咬”手 消防破拆救人

Original title: “Bite” handwriting “bite” hand fire breaks and rescue people

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