Lightweight and simple warm small bib, can be completed in 1 day, tutorial tutorial of the tattoo small fence neck

The small bib has always been a warm -keeping tool I like. Compared with the long and heavy scarf, the small fence is much less used when weave it, and it is light and convenient, especially those with cervical spondylosis. Wearing a long scarf will increase the increase in long scarfs. The load on the neck, so it is more suitable for wearing this small bib, which will be relatively small on the neck; and the long scarf is very place, and the small fence is saved more. Today we are studying a hook method of a small bars. This style is relatively neutral, and men and women are suitable for wearing. Demonstration line: Meru Nu wool, 5.0mm hook needle.


First of all, 120 -pin lock needles (about 84 cm in length after the lock needle is expanded for your reference). Line 1: 1 lock, and then hook 20 needles from the first needle from the first needle, 10 stitches, and skip 10 stitches (we add the mark on the 10 -pin head and tail needle we skipped) , Then hook 90 stitches and long needles in turn; Line 2: 1 lock, turn over, pick the rear half of the rear half needle in order, 90 stitches and long needles. After 10 stitches, we put in the skipping 10 The needle is used to hook the 10 -needle mid -length needle (the mark is deducted up), and the rear half of the rear needle hooks the 20 needle mid -length needle.


Line 3: 1 lock, turn over, hook 20 pins in the post -half needle in order, and the latter 10 needles also pick 10 needles in the back. Point), then hook 90 stitches in the second half of the needle in order; line 4: 1 lock, turn over, pick the rear half of the needle 90 needle medium long needles, and 10 needles are still picked after the braid needle. Half the needle with 10 pins in order, and then pick the rear half needle hook to finish the remaining 20 needle mid -length needles.


Later, we repeat the rules of line 4: 20 stitches and 90 stitches, both pick the long needle of the rear half needle hook and 10 stitches. The size of the small bib you want. The total length of the demonstration bib is about 82-84 cm, and the width is about 12 cm. After the collapse is buckled, the length of the tail at the bottom is about 13.5 cm. If you want to bring in other tricks, the principle is the same, especially the treatment method at the tie buckle. The other tricks are also hooked in the front and rear pieces, which will form a buckle. Such a small fence can be completed in one day, novice friends can try it ~!

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