How to choose a pillow in a bad cervical spine

Do you often wake up from your dreams because of your neck discomfort? Do you often feel tight head and neck in the morning, pain or dizziness of shoulder and back? Do you feel that you wake up and haven’t got a good rest?

The culprit that occurs in these situations is likely to be the binding close friends of our head and neck -pillow

Today I will share how to choose a pillow that suits you

PART1: The harm of the wrong pillow method

High pillow: Some surveys have shown that the incidence of cervical spondylosis of high pillow sleeping people is twice as much as non -high -pillow sleep. Long -term high pillows are often an important reason for repeated pillows and changes in cervical degeneration.


Low pillow:

It will cause the head and neck for a long period of excessive leaning, resulting in an increase in the premier’s convex curvature. The muscles in front of the vertebral body and the front vertical ligaments can cause fatigue due to excessive tension.

People with high pillows should not be immediately changed to low pillows or even pillows. The psychological psychology of this kind of “confrontation treatment” is also a misunderstanding. It is best to gradually decrease. Blood

The sudden change in liquidity will increase the probability of cerebral vascular disease, and it is not friendly to people with high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis and other basic diseases.

Part2: Reference standard for pillow selection

Consider comprehensive consideration, a good pillow must be appropriate



As well as




, Breathable, cleanliness, etc.


It also affects the cervical spine.

After the pillow is compressed, it is equal to the height of the fist (the height of the fist is based on the height of the tiger’s mouth). After falling asleep, the surface of the pillow supports the neck song should be cylindrical and has a certain hardness to set off and support the neck song. It can support the head and the height of the neck. Studies have shown that adults are 6 to 9 cm during sleep, and EEG shows a smooth rop waveform, which is easy to obtain high -quality sleep.


Suspected that there is a nucleus myelopaus or protruding in front of the spinal canal, and the pillow may be slightly lower.

(Cervical dysfunction occurs, the pillow can be slightly lower)


I suspect that there is a thick and convex yellow ligament behind the spinal canal, and the pillow may be slightly higher

(Sensing disorders such as numbness and pain such as limbs, pillows can be slightly higher)


If the developed cervical spondylus stenosis is accompanied by the formation of the vertebral vertebral bone spurs, the pillow should not be too high or too low, and it is advisable to be physiological.

The width of the pillow is best 1.5 times the shoulder width. Studies have shown that in the 8 -hour sleep, the posture changes about 20 to 45 times, 60% of which are lying on their back, 35% are lying on the side, 5% are prone, and half of the posture of people only last for less than 5 minutes, so Proper width can ensure that it will not take off the pillow when turning over at night.

The contact area of ​​too hard pillows and the head and neck is small, with large local pressure, which can easily cause poor blood circulation. The auricle is prone to pressure when sleeping on the side. It is not too soft. After sleeping, it will become a high -sides of the middle low. When sleeping on the side, the face is buried in the pillow, which is easy to block breathing.

Pillow position

Pillows should be placed in the upper part of the pillow bone and cervical spine, which can cover most of the muscles that cause cervical discomfort to prevent them from being suspended, thereby achieving the purpose of relaxation.

There are many pillows on the market now, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The recommended raw materials are


Pearl cotton

The pillow is relatively easy to adjust its shape and height. The best shape of the pillow is a ingot shape with low middle and high ends. This pillow can use the middle part to maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, and the high ends of the two ends play a relative braking and fixed effect on the head and neck, reducing the abnormalities of the head and neck in the sleep.

Everyone’s cervical spine is different, we cannot say that a pillow is suitable for everyone. As long as you choose according to the above reference standards, I believe you can find a pillow that suits you. In addition, if a lot of pillows cannot be resolved, it is recommended to check the cervical spine itself, and do not let the pillow keep the pot.



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