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What are the common shortcuts of AI? AI is a very easy vector graphics processing software, and PS is brother software, commonly known as design software. For everyone to use AI software, I will organize the AI ​​shortcut, I hope I can help you.


(A variety of tools share a shortcut key, press [Shift] to add this shortcut, when pressing the [CapSlock] key, you can switch directly to this shortcut

Mobile tool [V]

Directly choose tools, group selection tools [a]

Pen, add an anchor, delete anchor, change the path angle [P]

Add an anchor tool [+]

Delete anchor tools [-]

Text, area text, path, vertical text, vertical area, vertical path text [T]

Ellipse, polygon, star, spiral [L]

Increase the number of edges, chamfered radius, and the number of spiral circles (in [l], [M], drawing) [↑]

Reduce the number of edges, chamfered radius and spiral rings (in [L], [M], plotting) [↓]

Rectangle, rounded rectangular tool [M]

Brush tool [b]

Pencil, sleek, erase tool [N]

Rotate, turn the tool [R]

Zoom, tensile tool [s]

Mirror, tilt tool [o]

Free Deformation Tool [E]

Mix, automatic hooding tool [W]

Chart Tool (seven charts) [j]

Gradient outlet tool [u]

Gradient filling tool [g]

Color sampler [i]

Paint barrel tool [K]

Scissors, meal knife tool [C]

View pan, page, size tool [H]

Magnifying glass tool [Z]

Default foreground color and background color [D]

Switch fill and strokes [x]

Standard screen mode, full screen mode with menu bar, full screen mode [F]

Switch to color population [“]

Switch into gradient fills [“]

Switch to no filler [/]

Temporary use of starting tools [spaces]

Exactly mirror, rotation, etc. After selecting the corresponding tool, press [Enter]

Copy objects in [R], [O], [V], etc., press [ALT] + [Drag]

File operation

New graphic file [Ctrl] + [N]

Open existing images [Ctrl] + [o]

Close the current image [Ctrl] + [W]

Save the current image [Ctrl] + [S]

Save as … [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [S]

Storage copy [Ctrl] + [ALT] + [S]

Page Settings [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [P]

Document settings [Ctrl] + [ALT] + [P]

Print [Ctrl] + [P]

Open “Preset” dialog [Ctrl] + [K]

Reply to the status before the last store [F12]

Editing operation

Restore the previous operation (the number of steps can be in the preset) [Ctrl] + [Z]

Repeat operation [Ctrl] + [shift] + [Z]

Cut the selected content to the clipboard [Ctrl] + [x] or [F2]

Put the selected content copy to the clipboard [Ctrl] + [C]

Spher the contents of the clipboard [Ctrl] + [V] or [F4]

Sticking the contents of the clipboard to the front [Ctrl] + [F]

Spher the contents of the clipboard to the last side [Ctrl] + [B]

Delete the selected object [Del]

AI常用快捷键大全 收藏多看系列

Select all objects [Ctrl] + [A]

Device [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [A]

Convert [CTRL] + [D] again again

Send to the front [Ctrl] + [Shift] + []]

Send [Ctrl] + []]

Send to the last [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [[]

Send [Ctrl] + inwards later [[]

Group of objects selected [Ctrl] + [g]

Cancel the group of objects [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [G]

Lock the selected object [Ctrl] + [2]

Locking no selected object [Ctrl] + [alt] + [shift] + [2]

All unlock [Ctrl] + [ALT] + [2]

Hide selected object [Ctrl] + [3]

Hide unselected objects [Ctrl] + [alt] + [shift] + [3]

Show all hidden objects [Ctrl] + [ALT] + [3]

Joint disconnected path [Ctrl] + [j]

Allowed path [Ctrl] + [alt] + [j]

Combine two objects [Ctrl] + [alt] + [B]

Cancel all [Ctrl] + [ALT] + [Shift] + [B]

Blend options Select [W], press [Enter]

Create a new image mask [Ctrl] + [7]

Cancel image mask [Ctrl] + [alt] + [7]

Joint Path [Ctrl] + [8]

Cancellation [Ctrl] + [ALT] + [8]

Chart type selection [J], press [Enter]

Apply the last filter again [Ctrl] + [E]

Apply the last filter and adjust parameters [ctrl] + [alt] + [E]

Text processing

Text left alignment or top to [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [L]

Word alignment [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [C]

Writing right alignment or bottom alignment [ctrl] + [shift] + [R]

Text dispersion alignment [ctrl] + [shift] + [J]

Insert a soft return [shift] + [Enter]

Precise input by a zoom adjustment value [Ctrl] + [ALT] + [K]

Set the word to 0 [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [q]

Restoring the font width to 1 to 1 [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [x]

Left / Right Select 1 character [Shift] + [←] / [→]

Next / select 1 line [shift] + [↑] / [↓]

Select all characters [Ctrl] + [a]

Select the character from the insert point to the mouse point point [Shift] plus points

Left / right moving 1 character [←] / 【→】

Next / mobile 1 line [↑] /]

Left / right move 1 word [Ctrl] + [←] / 【→】

The cursor moves to the front [home]

The cursor is moved to the last [end]

Select to the front [shift] + [home]

Select to the last side [Shift] + [END]

Convert text into a path [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [O]

View operation

Display the image as a border mode (switch) [Ctrl] + [Y]

Generate a preview for the selected object (in border mode) [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Y]

Enlarge view [Ctrl] + [+]

Shard view [Ctrl] + [-]

Zoom in to page size [Ctrl] + [0]

Actual pixel display [Ctrl] + [1]

Display / hide the control point [Ctrl] + [h]

Hide Template [Ctrl] + [SHIFT] + [W]

Show / hidden ruler [Ctrl] + [r]

Show / hidden reference line [Ctrl] + [;]

Lock / unlock reference line [Ctrl] + [ALT] + [;]

Change the selected object into a reference line [Ctrl] + [5]

The object reduction will become a reference line [Ctrl] + [alt] + [5]

Tight reference line [Ctrl] + [shift] + [;]

Show / hidden grid [Ctrl] + [“]

Application agility reference [Ctrl] + [u]

Show / hide “Font” panel [Ctrl] + [T]

Show / hide “Paragraph” panel [Ctrl] + [M]

Display / hide “Brush” panel [F5]

Display / hide “color” panel [f6] / [ctrl] + [i]

Display / hide “Layer” panel [F7]

Display / hide “Information” panel [F8]

Display / hide “Gradient” panel [F9]

Show / hide “Stroke” panel [F10]

Display / Hide “Properties” panel [F11]

Display / hide all command panels [Tab]

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