“Xiaomi products” also shot! A hairdresser “big operation” not only is easy to cut and safe

The “new driver” in the haircut is out, it can be used without your people, no need to go to the store, you can easily get it in 5 minutes at home, save money and save money, the most important thing is safety.

Due to the influence of acceptors, diet, and living habits, each person’s hair growth has a difference, but generally speaking, the average month will be about 1.5 cm per month, but if you comb your head, eat more fruits and carrots When vegetables, the speed of head growth may be faster.

But for many people, the hair is so fast or long is a very bad thing, especially for men or children, the weather is too hot one to summer, hate to shave the bald, even if it is not shaved Almost every month, it is also cut once, go to the barber shop, every time the washing blow is mixed, it takes 25 to 35 yuan for about 30 minutes.


This is calculated that every year is approximately 400 pieces of expenditure. For a family, the total cost of spending may be thousands. If the calculation is a small expenditure.

Moreover, the barber shop has a large fluidity and the space is small, the air flow is weak, and the artifacts such as the hairdresser are repeatedly used. If it is full disinfection, it is not very big. If it is used, it will be used without disinfection. There is a certain risk.

Today, with the development of technology, it is more difficult to happiness at home, only need to choose

A simple and good, affordable home electric generner,

It will be possible.

Today, I will plant a grazing of my own yourself and the millet can be brighter.


Fun Boost Hairdresser


The operation is particularly simple, and there is no foundation, it is easy to get started.

Just launched a short message Boost hairdresser

rice flour

Crazy appointment,

The number of appointments has exceeded 80,000 people

Feedback from small friends who have used this product is also

Full of praise

, All have a picture, and the returns are also numerous.

Xiaobian is also half-sinful, but when male colleagues use it, they are handsome by his current appearance.

Sure enough, the boy who is not repaired is the potential stock, and the hair is more handsome.

Nano ceramic cutter head, ultra low noise


Its cutter is not ordinary, adopted

0.7 ultra-thin nano ceramic cutter head


Hardness is 1.6 times of general stainless steel


, Not only sharp and very wear


The cutter head is a part of the contacts that touch the skin, and the fun Boost has done it in the cutter head.


R-type rounded corners

, As long as you don’t have to be too powerful, you will not scratch your family’s scalp.

The Boost Hairdressor cutter head is also composed of a knife and a stain, and the mating of the articular knife has been strictly safely designed and tested, allowing the hairculator to operate safely, any angle can safely contact the cutter head.

At the same time, its friction coefficient is much smaller, the friction coefficient is small, it is not easy to fever when running at high speed, and the noise is lower.

(Work noise is less than 55dB, far below GB standard 70dB)

. Trimming is more comfortable


One-button constant, hairdressing is like


On the long control of the haircut, the interest Boost haircut is provided us.


s Choice

Transfer Boost haircut

Slider positioning comb design

, Lockable haircut length range 0.7-21mm,

And support one-click adjustment

When the transformation length is gently pushed, there is no need to change the positioning comb as a conventional haircut.

The operation is minimal, even if anyone who does not have any hairdressing experience, it can easily pick it up.

When the haircut is adjusted, the haircut length you want is, and it can be pushed directly.

So no matter how harm your hands, how much more, the fixed-length comb will close the head, cut out the long and uniform hairstyle, the hand-held star doesn’t have to be afraid!

Variable frequency, intelligent anti-card

We all know that there is a different degree of difficulty in trimming, and some people have a hard hair and more, this time the speed is the corresponding improvement.

Chambling Boost hairculator in terms of speed


Set two different modes

Not only that, Boost haircut is also supported inverting technology, plus powerful motor assistance.

4500 rpm and 5800 rev / min


(Long press shift)

Easy to deal with the needs of different haired people

In addition to strong power, strong intelligence is also online, just like it is essential


This is one of the necessary intelligence of hairculators.

It contains two major modules of energy management and motor main control, that is, the low-power dilemma can also maintain a high-speed operation, avoiding the embarrassment of the card, harvesting the best haircut effect.


At the same time, during the charging process,

ESM also launches multiple guarantees to extend battery life

And ensure charging safety

Charging for 1 hour, use 3 months


Boost uses most of the Type-C interface that is universal, this is very convenient, providing a variety of supplies for it.

(Charging treasure, computer, USB socket, etc. can be powered)

It also supports fast charge,


Generally, it can reach 90% of power over an hour, and the second half is replaced by intelligent buffer, full power can be used for 90 minutes.

If you count in the use of half an hour, then Boost is

Can you still have more than three months after full?

, Equivalent to a seasonal span, after all, not every day

If you suddenly encounter half of it is dead, then you don’t have to worry, Boost Hairdresser

Support plug and play


If you don’t have electricity, you can continue to use it.

The details are everywhere.


The fun Boost haircut is black and white, you can choose, the entire design looks very simple, both feel that it is a small detail, but some small details


Body overall


Human engineering design


Easy to master. Middle

Touch switch


One-click can be manipulated and globally

Handle bottom


Breathing lamp

When low power, charging, full power, it will display the state accurately

The cutter can be disassembled at any time

, Convenient for daily cleaning

Telling true, many babies go to the barber shop will cry, because they are afraid, because of strangeness. And my parents are different from my parents, the familiar environment and my close parents, the baby is not afraid, but I have played it in the sky.

The big friend in the family can also make a lively, the most popular two sides are shaved, the hair is always fast, and the hair shop only trimmed it. It is not cost-effective. Be a small shape, very good!


Mom gives my baby, Bao Da, the young man gives yourself, the children give Dad, the old woman gives the old companion, the family haircut will enjoy the warm moments!

And the price of this hunt Boost haircula is also very affordable. The original price is 119 yuan. Now the discount price is 99 yuan, but also a few bags of smoke can get a haircut problem, this account, how to count Very cost-effective ~

The stock is limited, the faster is there!

Click here to buy

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¥ 99


“Xiaomi products” also shot! A hairdresser “big operation” not only is easy to cut and safe















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