Estee Lauder red pomegranate foam facial cleanser, that is, cleansing milk and mask

Washing your face every day is still oily

Dark complexion, acne acne, thick pores

Facial milk is a daily necessities

It is not easy to choose the right one to choose the right thing ~

Some have a dry face after washing, and some are not washed clean.


Today, I will bring you a high -quality facial cleanser!

Estee Lauder red pomegranate foam cleansing milk


Popular word of mouth, antioxidant and turbidity NO1


Yang Mi and Liu Wen endorsed!

With double concentrated pomegranate juice, developed for Orientals

Remove yellow whitening, antioxidant, moisturizing and hydrating, brightening skin tone

Sensitive skin can also be used, and the cost performance is very high!

And -can make a mask!


Is it amazing!

【Estee Lauder Red Pomegranate Foam Cleansing Milk】


Equipment contains yeast extract, wolfberry, red pomegranate and other ingredients

Red pomegranate: brighter skin color, berry: rosy and good -looking complexion

Clane: Deeper into the skin in the skin, clean and discharge the turbidity

Absorb the excess oil on the face, not tight, not slippery!

It also contains wheat sulfur, and light spots and whitening are OK!

Have good pollution and yellowing ability

I especially like to make up


This facial cleanser can remove makeup and residual dirt


Long -term use can also be finely pores!

The little fairy of any skin quality and age is applicable!

It is especially suitable for large pores and dull skin

The sisters of the oily face!

There is a red pomegranate extraction essence in the cleansing milk

Cream texture, dense and soft

The foam is dense, the size of the soybeans is enough to clean the entire face

Two foams in the bare hands, and the face is as soft as a SPA

There is also a faint pomegranate fragrance, too advanced and too much ritual

It is not dry after washing, and the water is moist and comfortable!

Mas the skin moist and shy, transparent!

Moisturizing: red pomegranate essence injection source moisturizing power


Waves: There is no fear of external pressure, and the skin is rejuvenated

Translucent: Continue to lock water, the skin is moist and transparent

As a daily commute facial cleanser, no matter how good it is!

In addition to daily cleaning, making masks is also excellent

Apply a thick layer in dry face, massage for 2-5 minutes, wash off


Take away waste horny and residual makeup

Save a cleaning mask in minutes


Don’t worry about excessive cleaning!

It’s great!


The details are also super intimate

Open lid design, use it with follow -up

It is also super convenient to put it in the bathroom!

【Estee Lauder Red Pomegranate Foam Cleansing Milk】

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