How to identify the jade bracelet is good or bad, remember “three looks and three,” let you choose the favorite jade bracelet

The gentleman is like jade, gentle and soft. For jade, it has been in love for a long time. Especially the jade bracelet, embellishment with the wrist, is more gentle and elegant. Wearing a cheongsam, wearing a jade bracelet, and in the south of the smoke and rain, it is most moving.

The jade bracelet is not as shown as a gold bracelet, but it is more gentle and soft. The crystal clear jade bracelet is more like the inner world of girls. So how do we suitable for the good or bad of jade bracelets when choosing jade bracelets? 01. It depends on the color. 02. It depends on the texture. The finer the polycrystal structure, the better the texture of the jade. 03. Look at transparency. If the transparency of jade is like glass, it is the highest -level glass species.

If you also like jade bracelets, but don’t know how to choose a jade bracelet that suits you. In fact, we just need to remember, “Three look and three, you can help you choose the jade bracelet, let’s take a look together!

01. It depends on the color, do not want ancient jade

The impact of color jade bracelets is also very large. The color is pure, uniform, and strong, which is the good jade of the top. For example, the emperor green, the color is very uniform and strong. And some fluttering bracelets are not so uniform in color, strong, and relatively low prices. Different colors not only affect the aesthetics, but also determine the price of jade bracelets.


In addition to depending on the color, you also need to remember to choose the ancient jade when you choose the jade bracelet. To the new pit jade bracelet, because you don’t know what kind of people have worn ancient jade, it is easy to interfere with the wearer’s magnetic field.


02. It depends on the texture, don’t crack


The texture of the jade bracelet is the density structure of the spar. The more fine the texture, the higher the grade of the jade bracelet. If you contain some cotton wool, it is relatively poor. Therefore, the more clear the texture, the more popular it is.


When choosing a jade bracelet, you must pay attention, no matter how advanced the color and texture, you cannot crack. There are many people who can’t accept the jade bracelets. When choosing, you must observe it carefully. In particular, do not have cracks that can be pulled.

03. It depends on transparency, don’t wear double wear

In fact, the transparency is inseparable from the texture of the jade bracelet. The more advanced the texture, the higher the transparency. The higher the transparent jade bracelet, the higher the grade. Generally, the glass species, ice species, glutinous seeds, and beans are distinguished according to transparency.

Even the jade bracelet is beautiful, it is not recommended that you choose the way you wear double wear. Although some people like Ding Dangdang’s voice, it is very crisp. But the jade bracelet is worn or worn with other bracelets, which can easily cause friction or damage.

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