Three years in Xiuli, real use of sensory feedback, I have unlimited repurchase these two models

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The eleven holiday will be started tomorrow, and I wish you all a happy holiday in advance. At the same time, everyone must protect it during the holidays, pay attention to safety ~

Before today’s festival, I want to make a sense of use of Xiuli products with you. I am actually a loyal fan of Xiu Like, and I have used a lot of Xiu Like products before and after, but some products are not here. Today, I will share a few Xiuli products with empty bottles in my hand ~

:️ Skin introduction:

According to international practice, let’s talk about the skin quality for your reference:

Age: 30+;

Skin: Standard desert big dry skin;

Skin care demand: Speaking of skin care demands, I think

Anti -aging, whitening, maintaining stability

In fact, every age is needed. But we can’t take care of them, we can only say that choices are based on skin conditions at different stages.

Therefore, this involves the problem of product matching. I decided to use what the product was first figured out what my skin care demands were at this stage.


产品️5 Skillo product feedback and product purchase suggestions;

精️ Xiuli CE essence;

The CE focuses on antioxidant+whitening, and the efficacy mainly comes from the complex combination of VC+VE+Slutilic acid.

We have said many times before VC’s antioxidant and whitening effects. When it comes to the CE essence, we have to fix Lico’s patented technology.


Research data from Xiuli Laboratory shows that the combination of 15%VC+1%VE can increase the light protection effect of VC, and this light protection effect will continue to increase after 4 days of use. The increase in 0.5%stylic acid can increase the light protection of VE+VC from 4 times to 8 times.


This is the source of the CE essence VC+VE+Slutin formula. The formulas of other brands of other brands on the market are basically from Xiu Li.

There are actually a lot of VCs I have used in my hand. This is indeed a VC that I have used better. I really like it myself ~


Suggestions: 15%VC is actually a high concentration, and the antidic acid is actually irritating. Therefore, sensitive muscles need to be cautious. In terms of skin, I feel that dry skin oil can be used.

Here we will talk about the problem of yellowing with CE. VC is indeed easy to oxidize, and the problem of yellowing of the face of the face of the use of VC is mainly staining caused by VC oxidation.

This dyeing problem can be solved by washing your face. Of course, if you care about this problem, you can try to reduce the amount of VC essence, or put the VC directly at night.


In addition, the difference between CE and CF is actually not just suitable for dry skin or oil. The root cortex added by CF is mainly inhibiting tyrosine activity. Therefore, the CF essence will be more biased towards whitening.

精️ Xiuli Cocoic acid essence;

I have been looking for a product that can replace it since the essence of fruit acid essence is broken, but unfortunately, there is no ~ fruit acid essence is also called penta essence. Alcoholic acid and eighteen carbonne acid, while the formula uses a higher concentration of alcohol to help promotes penetration.

In terms of efficacy, this use of fruit acid reciprocated salicylic acid to help accelerate the metabolism of the old abolition of the skin. At the same time, salicylic acid and Cylinal salicylic acid have good penetration, which can help dissolve the corner bolt that is blocked in the pores. This is the real dredging pores to prevent acne and acne.

Therefore, I have always suggested that everyone is better to use a purely clean mud film or the essence of a composite acid mask or acid. This effect on my face is really obvious. Although I am a big dry skin, I basically explode acne during the physiological period. Coupled with the usual greedy and spicy, it is easy to burst.

But during the use of this essence, I really didn’t have a closed mouth and a acne. That feeling is really cool ~

The texture of water, plus the infiltration effect of alcohol, is really refreshing. In terms of skin feel, dry skin oil can be used ~ but the partners who have not been used before are still recommended to establish tolerance first, and the sensitive muscles should be cautious.

瓶️ Xiuli Koko Light Bottle Essence;

The light -emitting bottle is mainly whitening, and uses hepes to reproduce tobanamide, coagulation acid+curvic acid.


5%nicotinamide helps to prevent melanin transfer to the epidermis. 5%hepes accelerates epidermal melanin metabolism. Chicoric acid and coagulation acid mainly inhibit melanin production.

The formula is simple and rude, without alcohol and flavor. Although this formula looks like a fierce medicine, it is quite comfortable to use. And I basically did not find that someone had an impatient problem.


The texture of the water is very refreshing, and it can be used basically all skin texture in terms of skin.

However, the two bottles I bought in the luminous bottle are not very good (before the information is caused by the oxidation of the oxidation), it may also be a coincidence. Anyway, I think this has no 200 yuan on my face. Lin Shuang’s whitening essence has a significant effect.

This one does not consider the repurchase for the time being!

米️ Xiuli Purple Essence;


Purple Mi Essence is 10%Bosomic due to raw materials+glycyrrhizes+sodium hyaluronate.

Biggainy is mainly at the connection between the epidermis and dermis, promoting the secretion of collagen and glycosamine, thereby reinforcing the EDJ structure, helping maintain the normal metabolism of the epidermis, enhance the skin elasticity, and make the skin more moist. I have received several friends and feedback to say that I feel that the face is really changing after using the purple rice, but I don’t feel much.

Potassium potassium diexin assists anti -inflammatory and sooths. Reduce skin inflammation caused by external stimuli. Coupled with sodium hyaluronate to help enhance moisturizing. The purple rice essence is reproduced with alcohol to help, and the skin feels pretty good.

The purple -brown emulsion texture, the feeling of the upper face is similar to the essence of hyaluronic acid ~ there will be glue but not sticky.

There is no special feeling for this I use it myself. Unlike CE and fruit acid, it feels amazing, but it cannot be said that it is completely useless. Relatively speaking, the people may be wider, after all, it is very mild.

致️ Xiu Li Ke Jing to the face sunscreen;

Xiuli Kejing caused face sunscreen, a materialized sunscreen.

Main ingredients: Mexoryl SX / DHHB / Mexoryl XL / titanium dioxide. SPF50+full -band high multiple sunscreen, daily commuting is definitely no problem. To go out, you must make it to be prepared for 2 hours.

Although the texture is not as strong as the liquid liquidity of the liquid, it will not be greasy and heavy. Very easy to push away, the upper face will have a slight brightening effect.

When I use it in summer, I usually use this sunscreen after washing my face, and then directly put on the base makeup. If there are too many skin care in front, the problem of rubbing mud may occur.

In addition, although it is a high -power sunscreen, this is not a waterproof model. Ordinary cleansing products can be cleaned directly. Of course, this is not suitable for launching. I like this in all aspects, I will repurchase!

In summary, I think that most of the products of Xiuli are worth buying. I will always repurchase a few products I like, and I will try new products.

OK ~ The above is the content of today. I hope it will help you ❤️ ~ I am Miya. I want to know more reliable beauty knowledge. Remember to like it ~

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