I heard that men in turtleneck sweaters are narcissistic, what do you think?

A few days ago, Benger men asked dozens of male colleagues in the company to ask everyone how to look at men wearing high -necked sweaters. The initial result is,


(Basketball forum, mainly young male users)


The straight men basically denied the turtleneck sweater.


论点基本是这样的:太娘、太作、太勒脖子(也许是脖子粗)、太扎脖子(没选对高领的材质),这也可以看出,虽然大家嘴上说不要,其实, I have tried tall sweaters …

In the process of discussion, a small fresh meat in the Benger Men’s company secretly posted a picture of wearing a high -necked sweater. It was quite enough to give themselves. The post -95th child may prefer Korean dramas.

After all, Korean drama men’s feet love to wear high -necked sweaters.

Pei Yongjun


Come to a high -necked sweater …


Jin Xiuxian

Warm man comes with a high -necked sweater …

Lee Minho

The overbearing president came to a high -necked sweater …


Millennium supporting role Park Haezhen


Supporting actors need a high -necked sweater …

In short, the male pig’s feet must have a high -necked sweater. Those who want to walk with the wind love high -necked sweaters.

But as a non -00, the most impressed high -necked sweater was worn by Uncle Fei Xiang:

Festive and bold, low -key and luxurious!


In China, in recent years, it is the owner of the most likely wearing a high -necked sweater.

Before him, this position should belong to Ma Jingtao:

In fact, turtleneck sweater is not a new trend. Male stars in the 1990s all loved to stay separated and plus a high -necked sweater. The photos were all play. Benger men were also deeply planted by Nicholas Tse and Zheng Yijian …


But then the men’s men discovered that the turtleneck sweater was really a very, very picky single product. Like fur coats, it was very tide, and it was not well dressed in Russia.

I believe that many of you will refute that this black high -necked classic T of Qiao Gang is good -looking!

Let’s take a closer look at Jobs’s tall uniforms, which is very similar to whether this middle -aged and old -fashioned warm underwear is very fascinating.


Indeed, the high collar is well -dressed and looks very high -level, very gentleman, but the prerequisite is that you must meet the following characteristics:


The neck is long,

White skin,

The facial contour is obvious,


The head cannot be too big,

Bidth and flat shoulder

And the most important one …

The image temperament is as good as 007!

So do n’t believe in the farts of fashion magazines and fashion bloggers that the most popular turtleneck sweater this year, first look at the above conditions. If it is not met, a pure color round neck sweater will be more suitable for you than turtleneck sweaters. Essence

However, there are exceptions to everything. After science with colleagues, a colleague made different opinions after the above standard answer. Middle -aged, greasy, no neck, round head and round brain, beard stretching, folds full of faces, you can also wear high -necked sweaters, don’t believe you to see

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