Can pregnant women wear sandals? What should I pay attention to?

In summer, when many people choose to wear, they like to wear less. Even the choice of shoes is simpler, the better. Generally, people like to wear sandals or even slippers in summer, because the breathability is better, no, no, no It will even be stuffed with the soles of the feet until sweating. However, pregnant mothers with big belly are often sweaty. Many pregnant women want to choose a suitable sandals, so how to wear sandals?


How should pregnant women choose sandals in summer?

1. Style

Pregnant women choose shoes in the summer, it is best not to choose a loose cake sandals or fish -mouth sandals, because the soles of loose cake sandals are generally thicker, which will make the center of gravity of pregnant women farther away from the ground. Therefore, it is easy to fall. Due to the pointed toe, the sandals are easily squeezed to the toes for pregnant women, which brings discomfort to pregnant women.

2. Material

Pay attention to cooling shoes in summer, that is, the breathability of the shoes should be strong enough, try to choose more loose and comfortable shoes, and wear lightweight shoes, which is more comfortable and safe for pregnant women. Do not choose some plastic or nylon slippers for pregnant women. After wearing these materials, it is not conducive to breathability, so it is easy to cause dermatitis to the soles of the feet and affect the health of pregnant women.

3. Size


Pregnant women can choose the size of the shoes, which can be a little larger, and it is relatively loose to wear, because in the second trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s feet are likely to have swelling. You can choose shoes that are slightly larger than your feet, but don’t want It’s too loose to prevent it from walking when walking.

4. Heel

Pregnant women must not wear high heels, not only will they bring discomfort, but they also have a certain danger to the fetus. Try to ensure the height height of the shoe below 2cm. Pregnant women are best to wear flat heels. This can prevent pregnant women from falling easily, and it is also more guaranteed to the safety of the fetus.


5. Function

Pregnant women do not need to pay too much attention to the beauty and function of choosing shoes. They mainly start from safety and comfort. The function is best to have non -slippers. It is better to wear it soft and comfortable to prevent wrestling when walking.

Xiaobian reminds: Pregnancy makes the body’s center of gravity move forward. Pregnant women often need to change their body posture to maintain their body balance. Therefore, pregnant women must first consider safety in shoes. Do not wear high heels or sandals that are easy to fall off.

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