Is the boys wearing a leather pants? Wang Jir put on the incarnation of the big legs, with vest, cool

Leather pants, most of them are women’s lives, but boys are also leather pants, but most people think that boys are wearing leather pants to give people weird, very sorry, and general people can do not wear The taste, only the male star can wear a leather pants.


The actress wearing a leather pants on the stage is because the stage makeup is carefully matched, so it feels cool, and ordinary people are difficult to control.

Some people say wearing leather pants, only serving Wang Feng. Also, leather pants and rock winds are still quite a lot, and they are called a rock. In fact, most of the male stars in leather pants are all Korea, and all kinds of leather pants on the stage are very cool, and there is also Jay Chou, who knows.


Some people always ask boys to wear trousers to look for legs? So today, I have recently been filmed by Wang Jer + vest, you will understand that the original leather pants can also be legally long.


Let’s take a look at this classic black and white match, the upper body deep V collar the white vest, the big show proud figure, the vest can be said to be very commonplace, whether it is used to increase the level, or like Wang Jial is directly wearing, all of which is very man, and the lower body leather pants are not slightly slim, it is slightly loose but very straight, wearing a feeling of the legs to have a few centimeters, avatar long legs.

Some people think that the legs suitable for wearing leather pants must be fine, but watching Wang Jir’s pants, the legs are not fine, but they are not bad, this may be to the leather pants. Misunderstanding. Wang Jiar’s second photo, the upper body of vest is distinct, the zipper design replaces common buttons, more modern, fashion design pockets and collars, highlight personality, very tidy.


The lower body reflective leather trousers are not tight, and the pleats of the ups and downs can create reflexive sense. It seems very textive, slender leather boots have deepened the leg lines, and the legs of the legs are not long. Who is like.

I have to say that Wang Jial is looking for a leather pants with vest. I used to watch Wang Feng’s trousers with leather clothes. The peeling of the skin is really can’t keep up with the aesthetics. Wang Jial uses vest to match Leather pants, more young and stylish, for those who love sports, this weighing will make you a lot of color.

After all, the boy who loves sports generally comes not only very well. The legs are also more slender, wearing a leather pants, a vest, a beautiful body and fashion.

And the type of vest is very different, the style is also a candidate, sports style, machine wind, tooling wind, simple atmosphere, etc. Looking at Wang Jial’s shooting, it is not difficult to find that the vest of him does not have a heavy sample, the color is changeable, the style is also the same, and the lower body uses black leather pants to match, plus black shoes, fashion cool handsome And the legs are very long.

Moreover, the upper body wear vest can make your male charm, if you have a beautiful and healthy arm muscles, then you should learn Wang Jiali to match, say that it is better than Wang Jial; but if you don’t like this The human body, that has had to work hard, this leather pants is equipped with the source of collecting, turning into power, making it better.

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