#Share these cares of the elderly#: My retirement life (5): The perception after retirement

First: Spring Feel


Spring is bright to my house,

Every day, I smiled and welcomed the morning glow.

Qinqi calligraphy and painting for a day,

Taking a lot of flowers.

Confident and open -minded life domain,

I also want to go to the world.

Dynamic and static combination becomes old fun,

Happy chats with beautiful tea.


Spring is bright and charming, spring,

Spring is full of spring and spring.

Spring is charming spring scenery,

Spring wind turns rain and spring flowers.

Spring and Qi Shun Chunhui Ying,

Spring blooming spring butterfly is busy.

Spring scenery is full of spring rhyme,


Spring and spring are busy.

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Second: the most luxurious ownership of life

The most luxurious ownership of life is:

An old childlike heart, childlikeness is forever.

An endless belief, don’t forget your original intention.

A healthy body, prestige.


A lover who holds hands forever, grows old.

A free mentality, soothing and tranquility.

A favorite job, enjoying it.

A stable sleep, gratitude.

A beautiful mood to enjoy life, let it go.


Among them, a healthy body is the most important. With it, the others are meaningful. Without it, the others are zero!

Third: Self -expressing

Do not learn elegant,

Practicing your physical fitness is the most proud.

Find indifferent to fun,

Dive into the mountains and the high.


Practicing boxing and training,

Raise body and gods.

There are fitness techniques in my heart,

Indifferent Ming Zhishun Nature


Quietly go in a hurry,

Retirement is so calm.

Drunk calligraphy and painting is frank,

Dalvation in sports.

Pay attention to the Tuyin body in my life,

Look at light famous and merit all year round.

Large in the mountains and the wild, happy,

All forgotten to humiliate yourself.



Over the years of hard work,

Soothing and calmness.


Regulate the interest and adjust the shape,

Pine heads and elastic limbs loosely bow.

Thiner deep and deep,

Empty and empty.

Unknowingly retired,

The spirit doubles the fairy.



Everyone is in the prosperous world,

Strong and stronger.

Qinqi, calligraphy, calligraphy and painting are fun,

Poetry of flowers, birds, fish and insects.

Shu Shan has no way to do it,

Learning the sea of ​​boating is more powerful.


Although it is difficult to advance, it is still forging ahead,

The setting sun is full of red.



Not Gao Xian or Xian,

The child’s heart has not passed through all year round.

Rough tea and light rice can be food and clothing,


Healthy contentment is the most valuable.


Sky Eye resumes insight into people,

The vulgar red dust heavy self -cultivation,

Mo Sheng’s trick is stained with fame and fortune,

Brightness and my spirit.


The bee noisy butterfly dance tree shadow,


Spring flowers and autumn are different.

The scenery expresses me infinitely,


Thousands of clouds.


Wonderland is hard to find, no need to find,

Mountains and garden trees.

Four seasons of chronic red flowers, red,

Stay away from vulgarity.



Yingge Yan dances spring color,

Wind and the sun show the blue sky.

Qihua blooms and is auspicious,

Lei Nian of the mountain!


The situation is changing to the years,


The Daifang became a head late.

Tiandao rewards can be climbed,

The beauty of life is even more upstairs!


Ordinary years seem to have dreams,

Laughing at life is happy.

Looking back at the past and sighing,

Looking forward to the future!


“Vernacular Rhyme”

Stormy, vicissitudes of half a journey,

Tiangong’s physical shirt is clear.

Xiangguang Puzhao Mountain Garden,

Four seasons are prosperous.

Fourth: Zan Eagle





Board to the clouds,

Fighting and rainy,

Absolutely far -sighted,

Da Zhan Hongtu is on the blue sky.

Overlooking the red dust vulgar world,

Noise flying everywhere,

Screaming, screaming,


Be careful,


Fifth: Impressure of Genueling Cuckoo



簕 簕 簕 簕 簕 簕

Famous flowers are not listed,

Everyone knows me,

The flower buds are withered,

Life is getting old and old,

Flower burning beauty, natural,


I don’t say a word,

Extremely passionate,

No dye,


Sixth: Learning wheel slip


Roller skating,

Get up the wind,

Flying quickly,

Flexible circle arc,

The dancing posture rotates graceful,

Dynamics should be shocked perfectly,

Milk swallow wearing Yang Chizhu Bolang,

Light behavior around the field,

It looks like a butterfly flying,

Gen you are lingering,

Dreaming around,

Lyric, lyrical,




Seventh: Jasmine feels

White and flawless enough,

Don’t envy Yanhua self -cultivation.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter and night,

The fragrance smiles with the wind.

Eighth: New Year’s New Year

The New Year of the cattle is green and full of branches,

Create a glory and unknowing!

Smell the chicken’s ambition to dance,


Vowing to make macro maps into my poem!

Ninth: Spring Rain in the New Year of the N Bow

Runwou sounds and elegant sound,

Shangshan Ruo Er is new.

Everything wakes up with you,

I do n’t worship the money!

Tenth: mountain people love mountains and wild


Watching the smoke clouds and watching Xia,

Garden scenery green tree fork.

South Window Guangnan Field Wind,

Beidou Gao Zhaoshan.

Fuqin read a book to find fun,

Painting and planting vegetables to watch flowers.

Winter swimming is strong,


Gui Yinyu abandoned red dust!

Eleventh: Be careful

The cold window seeks to know more about it,

Small sigh of secular vision.

The water plows are extremely high,

Dust dirt is difficult to grind.

Qianquan wants to look at people.

Mountain and wild garden hard work,

Rough tea locks the heart.

Twelfth: Like a pine tree


Live alone,

In the gap,

铮 铮.

British posture, domineering,

Ling Han refuses the wind and Aoxue,

Being adversity is mighty.

There is a smile in the church,

Righteousness is stubborn.

Confidence is constantly aggressive,

Difficulties and dangers do not regret.

Greek green,

Born with great ambitions,

Vicissitudes of vicissitudes.

Not humble,

Forwarding, forge ahead,



The 13th: Ordinary Life

Light the long living channel,

There must be a glorious ideal lighthouse.

Do not be crushed by frustration and failure,

There must be a strong will.


The impact of the turbid stream of evil thoughts,

Need a sturdybulus dam.

The barren heartfield of reclamation,

Relying on sharp knowledge.

Drive the pessimistic haze,

You must look at the hope of hope.

Breaking through the shroud of indifferent smoke,


Just ignite the enthusiastic torch.

Measure the value of life,

You need to use contributions as a weight.

Twenty -fourth: Yongzhu


Tips to the mouth,

The skin is also thick,

There is a festival,

The abdomen is arrogant,

Geng straight and elegant, tough,

The wind is long and high.

Four seasons evergreen flip green,

Don’t bow your head in your life,



Clear high,

it is good!


Stem green leaves are crushing and hollow,


Leisure with the wind.

There are festivals first when unearthed,

Entering the clouds in the clouds.





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Qinqi, calligraphy, calligraphy and painting are fun,

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