This IKEA lamp that can charging can make your table less line

Not long ago, IKEA released several wireless charging products. Today, Gizmodo’s starting evaluation takes us to experience some new products at a time. For example, Editor Liu’s earlier article introduced that there are three types of wireless charging products launched by IKEA:

The first is table lamp and landing. The base comes with a wireless charging module. The user can buy it and insert the power to use. The price of these lamps ranges from $ 60 to $ 120; then it is a wireless charging base produced by IKEA. There are two types of charging and three charging, priced at $ 28 and $ 65, respectively. The last one is the wireless charging base of the user DIY, used for wood desktop and other materials. The charging base is 30 US dollars.

Softening technology with hard wood


When we hear the words “IKEA” and “wireless charging” appear at the same time, the charging base has a wooden panel for granted. No matter which one is three products, IKEA uses wood to surround the charging element. The yellow wood and white charging module are closely bite, and it is very beautiful to put it with wooden furniture.

Wrap the technology module with wood to allow technology products to have the temperature of life. Put the mobile phone on the charging module to start charging. Because the phone covers the white center of white, what you see is a beautiful wooden board supporting the mobile phone. Of course, the effect of “charging in invisible” cannot be achieved in the three charges, but the single charging and charging lamps are seamlessly implanted into the home home. The beauty and practicality are good.

GIZMODO reporter found in the charging test performed by iPhone 6 + QI to adapt to the mobile phone case. It was found that the charging speed was similar to the direct charging speed of the Lightning wire. Many people worried about the fever problems. In addition, the USB interface is equipped with a USB interface on the table lamp and large charging seats, which can charging another device while charging wireless charging.

If your phone happens to be the Lumia 920, Nexus 4-7, Samsung Galaxy S6, etc., which adapt to the Qi wireless charging standard, it will definitely be tickled by these products. Although the iPhone can be used with shells, how can a large shell be used to be a big shell under the mission of wireless charging.


Unsatisfactory place


Because the iPhone 6 is not suitable for QI charging, it takes $ 15 to purchase another hypertrophic Vitahult case (Plus version of $ 25). The understanding of the IKEA hand shell is obviously not so well in place. It is not necessary to say that the thick body of the long chin is not necessary. The side of the button on the side is not clear, and the material of the plastic is really difficult to match the style of the wooden base. In addition, according to Gizmodo evaluation, the headset cable cannot be inserted normally when installing charging shells.


The design of these product products of IKEA is commendable, especially for table lamps, even if it cannot be charged, it is a good lamp. The flat base can be placed with mobile phones and other items. The two joints make the desk lamp extending a wider range, and the cup -shaped lampshade allows the light to not overly diverge, which helps concentrate its energy under the light. The suggestion is: the mobile phone supports the QI standard decisive start, and the iPhone users can start with ugly.

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