Liu Yifei wearing a real silk shirt like a fairy golden star loves to wear like this

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刘亦菲穿真丝衬衫像仙女 金秋明星都喜欢这样穿

There is no harm without comparison. The new “Tianlong Babu” rushes the street, reminding everyone of Liu Yifei’s version of the fairy sister Wang Yuyan, like Liu Yifei’s fairy in the play, as well as the private server, Liu Yifei this set of silk shirts with white lantern gauze pants, It is also like a fairy.

刘亦菲穿真丝衬衫像仙女 金秋明星都喜欢这样穿

Let’s take a look at this set of wearing. Liu Yifei, who fluttering long hair, wearing champagne -colored silk shirts, and the sense of shirts, like adsorption on Liu Yifei’s bumpy body, and outline the flawlessness of the fairy sister Liu Yifei’s body curve. The white lantern trousers are simple and clean. Put the swap under the shirt into the trousers, raise the waistline, stretch the height ratio, and also show the dignity and atmosphere of the woman.

Uncle’s goddess shocking Hong Xianzi Yu Feihong, international superstar Yu Jiao Long Zhang Ziyi, who can have no shirts in the closet? It seems to be unique to real silk shirts. Zhang Ziyi’s large lapel white real silk shirt with checkered pants is very eye -catching. His straight shirts, the lines with rigorous and calm temperament, revealing the high sense of women in the workplace.

刘亦菲穿真丝衬衫像仙女 金秋明星都喜欢这样穿

Yu Feihong’s dark blue real silk fabric shirt is like the smooth moonlight like washing, flashing with a quiet and gentle luster, which reflects the euphemistic feminine charm. The shirt unbuttoned the two buttons, the collarbone was looming, and it was stable and restrained.

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