Nine kinds of knitted sweater are matched with cases, gentle and temperament, to meet your internal needs

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Do not patronize down jackets in winter, but also consider the factors of the inside. In fact, it is better to control than down jackets. It only takes a few steps to get it.

But today we don’t talk about so many skills, return to wear itself,

Let the female star demonstrate how to choose a knit sweater for you


Not much to say, let’s take a look at it below.

TIPS1: Light purple sweater+skirt, gentle and temperamental look

Ouyang Nana

But a hidden master, although her match is not so high -profile, is very temperament.

The point is that the matching is very practical. For example, the choice of purple sweater is the same. It is simple and temperamental. It is particularly gentle in the upper body and turns into a temperament girl.


Tips2: contrasting sweater+wide -leg pants, classic and versatile look

The contrasting design is not uncommon, but it is difficult to control. The black and white contrasting color broke this point, and the classic contrast is versatile.


Black and white

It is more conservative, but it is really beautiful. As a practical temperament internally, it is thinner and high.

TIPS3: Watermelon red needle sweater+jeans, elegant and temperamental look

Red is more likely to look tacky, so many people dare not try. But as long as you choose the right color, everything is not a problem.


Special red, unlike the gorgeous red tacky, is retro and gentle, which is more suitable for interior. With cold -colored jeans, the gorgeousness of the red and red, it looks elegant and temperamental,

Gao Yuanyuan

It is worthy of the goddess of temperament, and it is very good.

TIPS4: creamy white sweater+jeans, casual and temperamental look

You can also choose simple and low -key colors in the inside, such as particularly beautiful


Creamy white


This is a gentle and versatile color, which is very qualified as an inside.

It is neither sticky, but also gentle temperament. It is not a problem with various pants skirts, especially suitable for daily wear.

Tips5: Ginger knitwear+skirt, eye -catching and literary look

You can also choose at the same time

Bright color system

, Edge and temperament. Knitting vest is a masterpiece, and the bright color is wearing the upper body and is not vulgar.

Because knitted vests are stacked and wearing fashion, with shirts are intellectual and elegant, which can increase fashion and bring temperament.

TIPS6: Basic knit sweater+dress, gentle and more Looks that can be worn

Knitting sweater has a traditional sweater style, but also the cardigan style, compared with


More practical, that is, it can wear more clothes.

In this set of Ouyang Nana, it uses knitwear. It is extremely gentle with a dress, and it is more fresh and stylish with white, so thick coats can also be easily controlled. It is really beautiful as an inside.

TIPS7: Gray -blue sweater+gray wide -leg pants, casual and comfortable look

Zhang Xueying

I really like comfortable matching. She may not be so high -profile, but her dress is gentle and comfortable.

When other female celebrities are fighting among the magic, she chose a low -key and comfortable private server, which is also very suitable for our daily life. Gray -blue is also high -level and fresh, which is worth trying.


Tips8: yellow knitwear+half -body skirt, cute and age -reducing look

Yellow tone


It is the feeling of gentle little sun, so it is especially suitable for spring and autumn. But in fact, it can also be worn in winter. As an inside, it can be an eye -catching highlight.

It is already very good to wear alone, and it is more eye -catching when taking off the coat. The matching skirt is also worthy of reference. The gray neutralization and warm color will not appear particularly obtrusive.

TIPS9: striped sweater+jeans, gentle and handsome look

Seeing a set of look at first glance, the color is gentle and eye -catching, and the style is loose and not bloated. Therefore, it is just right.


Knight boots

It is also very handsome, especially Fan, so the whole set is very attractive, gentle and handsome.


I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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