The 50 -year -old middle -aged man, buy a down jacket in mind the “6 principles”, will not be old when you wear the right thing

For most middle -aged men, winter styles are relatively simple, mainly based on comfort and warmth. Secondly, considering fashion and other problems, naturally, down jackets have become a must -have for middle -aged men in winter.


Why is the older man who can’t buy down jacket?


Although the down jacket is a classic basic costume, for the 50 -year -old middle -aged man, in addition to the younger appearance, the figure has begun to change. Therefore, when buying down jackets, you must consider your age, body and temperament.

In this issue, I will talk to you about the topic of buying down jackets for middle -aged men 50 years old. Don’t be fooled by merchants and shopping guides. As long as you remember this “6 principles”, you can buy the most suitable down jacket for you!

01. The version of the down jacket should not be too loose or too tight, suitable for the best

Most middle -aged men buy down jackets with a misunderstanding: the more relaxed the version, the warmer, the tighter the shaping effect. In fact, the down jacket is too loose or too tight, which will affect the comfort, warmth and shaping effect of wearing, either bloated or looking at a small family.

TIPS: The down jacket with a looseness is the most suitable for middle -aged men. It will not be fat when wearing unrestrained, but also helps to match.


02. The length of the down jacket should not be too short or too long, and the position on the knee is the most suitable

The length of the down jacket directly affects the overall dressing effect and shaping effect. For middle -aged men, the length of the down jacket should not be too short or too long. Too short down jackets are not warm enough, and it will give people a sense of work that forcibly protruding the waistline in order to show high; too long down jackets are very picky and easy to crush the height.


TIPS: Middle-aged men should choose a medium-length down jacket with a 2-3 cm position on the knee, properly exposing the leg lines to increase the effect, and at the same time improve the warmth.


03. The color of the down jacket should not be too bright, and it is more bloated to wear

The color of the down jacket not only affects the sense of fashion, but also determines the shaping effect. Most middle -aged men are a bit blessed, and the colorful down jackets are prone to expand vision, and they are more bloated to wear, which expose her shortcomings.


TIPS: Try to choose the basic color down jackets with lower color matching, like black, dark blue, etc., simple and generous, and also help to modify the figure.


04. Do not have too many elements of down jackets, not enough to wear


The down jacket field is also advancing with the times. Not only is they rich in style, but also has a trendy personality in appearance. But for middle age, down jackets with too many fashion elements are more old to wear, such as seemingly tough and handsome camouflage down jackets, which are actually very impatient.

TIPS: Suitable for middle -aged men with down jackets, there are not too many elements; compared to, color wearing color is more versatile and advanced.

05. Don’t bring hair on the collar of down jackets, it looks cheap

In order to pursue warmth and fashion effects, many people will follow the trend to choose a down jacket with a hairy collar design. They look warm, but they actually wear bloated. Middle -aged men with short necks are more friendly and can not see the neck directly. Visually severely lowered the body proportion.

TIPS: Although the collar of the down jacket is details, it cannot be ignored. It is recommended to choose a small stand -up collar, collar, lapel or ordinary hooded collar style, simple and generous.

06. Do not be too small in the seams of down jackets, it is easy to show old


In recent years, the down jackets of the seams have been liked by many people, and this kind of down jacket made from the sewing process also has a disadvantage: the derivative seam is too small and dense, and it is easy to show old. For middle -aged men, this kind of down jacket is not the best choice.

TIPS: Keep a certain distance between the down jackets, the width of the seams is widening, and the visual is more atmospheric.


All in all, not all down jackets are versatile, especially the older middle -aged men, when choosing down jackets, you must consider all the time. Choose the right and wore right!

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