Don’t wear white shirts, is it in the print shirt? The color is rich and fashionable, wearing super beautiful

Shirt, as a kind of sex woman often chooses the item when carrying clothes,

In fact, there is a lot of styles.

Most women use the white shirt when choosing the shirt.

But if the white shirt is much dressed,

It is easy to create a shirt on the street.

I believe that every woman wants that his shape is very unique, very personal, if you have a shirt, then it will be more embarrassing.

under these circumstances,

You can use the printing shirt to match yourself.

Avoid a very embarrassing feeling because of wearing the same white shirt, the style of the print shirt is very much, so few will have a shirt,

The selection and match of the print shirt is to pay attention to skills.

Don’t wear white shirts, is it in the print shirt? The color is rich and fashionable, wearing super beautiful, then you know if you look at the print shirt? Don’t miss these matching, fashionable fine.


Characteristics of print shirts

Iritability and fashionable

First of all, what characteristics have to be seen,


Printing shirt keeps the shirt itself in the sexual charm,

It can make women’s temperament more interested in elegant, very in line with those who have a certain age.

But the print shirt will add a print pattern on the basis of the shirt.

Using different print patterns to improve the stylish and personal sexy, so that every shape is different.

Easy to cause fancy


But it is excessive pattern of smoke printing shirts.

So it is easy to make your own image, some fancy messy

If you don’t like this shirt, try not to try this shirt.

So when choosing a print shirt,

The choice of print patterns is important,

Cannot choose those styles that are too strong, otherwise it is easy to reduce simplicity.

Printing shirt style

Striped print shirt

Then come back to see some representative style to see the print shirt.

There are many styles of the print pattern, and the most common can be said to be a stripe pattern.

Although the stripe elements are separate elements, it is also printing. One of the elements.

Use striped print shirt,

Can modify women’s body lines

Let the line feel more smooth, then the overall shape will look more integrity.


Printed shirt cardigan

The printing shirt can be done, or you can select the form of a cardigan and other clothing to be superimposed.


So the selection of the printing shirt is important to pay attention to

If your body is good, you can choose a short print cardigouse.

If your body is not particularly good, or if you want to wear a loose,

So try to choose a loose version of the print shirt cardigan, a white t-shirt or white sling vest is a good choice.

Leopard print shirt

Many women’s temperament is very mature, then when choosing a print shirt,


I will choose some printed print pattern,

For example, leopard is a very typical ripe print pattern.

Leopard pattern is wild,

So the leopard print shirt can make women’s image more feminine

It is recommended to choose a shirt with white as a background, so that you will not be so violated.

Navel printing shirt

Outstanding woman,

You can show your own good body with print shirts.

So when choosing a shirt, try the mounting shirt, show your little waist and the march line.

The choice of Lu Shishihua shirt is also very particular.


You can choose the form of clothing tightening, and the upper body is a loose form,


This method will make the shape more levels.

Printing shirt

Printing shirt + jeans

Printing shirts can also be matched with a lot of trousers or skirts,

First of all, the most common way is to match the jeans,

Printing shirts can be matched with denim trousers, or with denim shorts.

It is recommended to choose light blue jeans.

Such shape will give people a new feeling,

The wear of the print shirt is also very particular. You can put it in the waist while stuffing, and the other side is exposed, such a model is very personality.

Printing shirt + wide leg pants

In order to improve the intellective charm of the shape, the print shirt can be matched with a wide legs.

And the wide-leg pants should choose the style of wide-leg weapon pants.

Because trousers are very helpful for the improvement of practicing and knowledgeable.

Printing shirt and wide leg pants suggestion to choose warm colors,

For example, turmeric, Ming Yellow, etc.

, The matching of print shirts and wide legs is a good choice of this warm color, which will make women look more gentle.


Printing shirt + short skirt

Leg-type women can use short skirts to match print shirts,

Then there are many styles that short skirts can choose.


For example, you can choose a pleated skirt, loose version. Will give people very elegant feelings.

You can also choose a package hip skirt.

Such short skirts will make a superior woman’s superior hips

At the same time, you will have your own image to have a taste of women, even in a print shirt, you can wear it in your workplace.

According to the choice of the above-mentioned print shirt, it is also believed that everyone has a certain understanding of some knowledge points of the print shirt, then I look forward to the result of gaining beauty.

What match suggestions do you have? Welcome to comment!

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