Zhongheng SL860 Rearview Mirror Record Instrument Cloud Dog Toming Machine is listed

2015-12-08 05:00:00 Author: Zhang Zitong

As the driving environment is becoming more and more complicated, driving safety has become a topic that people are very concerned about. In addition, the recent endless touching porcelain layers have become more and more urgent for driving record products. This year’s hot rear -view mirror all -in -one products have appeared in a multi -in -one product. The new SL860 listed in Zhongheng is now a multi -combined rearview mirror product.

Zhongheng SL860 has as many as three car functions. First of all, Zhongheng SL860 uses the industry’s popular rearview mirror as a platform. Zhongheng SL860 has obtained a wider vision to enhance the safe driving coefficient. In addition, the 4.3 -inch screen also makes driving shooting and electronic dog settings more outstanding.

In terms of driving records, Zhongheng SL860 pursues a comprehensive shooting before and after. In addition to the front -view camera, the rear -view lens is also added to the accessories, recording at the same time before and after, so that the driving screen can be more comprehensive before and after. In front of the shooting parameters, I support 1080P high -definition shooting before the shooting parameters, and then watching the high -quality picture quality shooting of 720P, using the current mainstream H.264 high -definition compression technology, making driving videos clearer and not occupying a larger one. Storage space, take a longer driving screen when the memory card is limited. And Zhongheng SL860 has built-in G-Sensor three-axis acceleration sensor, which can automatically lock videos such as collision and other crisis. Specifies the video automatically in static state, saving storage space.

Zhongheng SL860 also has the capacity of cloud electronic dog speed early warning capabilities. It has a built -in mobile speed radar probe, which can detect the flow rate radar and combine the built -in fixed -point speed detection early warning data to prevent speeding from speeding. Not only that, Zhongheng SL860 also has cloud online functions. Zhongheng SL860 comes with SIM card and gives away free traffic. Users can query the driving trajectory on the cloud platform. Real -time fixed speed measurement data upgrade service.

As a all -in -one product product, Zhongheng SL860 has a better rear vision. The first 1080P 720P HD driving shooting and rich cloud dog function are currently mainstream full -featured products that can better protect driving safety, and China The listing price of Heng SL860 is only 799 yuan. In addition to Zhongheng’s leading car electronic brand, Zhongheng SL860 is indeed a driving record cloud dog rearview mirror all -in -one.

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