JD.com and Gurao Underwear Industrial Park have signed a contract! Not only to establish online shops in Chaoshan Pavilion, but also the operation center …

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This afternoon,

Jingdong Group and Guangdong Maoxing E -commerce Underwear Industrial Park signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Gurao Town, Chaoyang District, injecting a strong motivation for the stronger town economy into the town of Gurao Town.

Jingdong Group is China’s largest self -operated e -commerce company. It is committed to the transformation of technology -driven business transformation for traditional industries such as big data, cloud computing, and mobile Internet of Things to promote the transformation and upgrading of local industrial structure. This time, Gu Rao Maoxing E -Commerce Underwear Industry Park will sign a contract with JD, which will be established on the Jingdong APP


Chaoshan Pavilion Online Shop


JD Logistics Cloud Warehouses and the Operation Center of JD.com underwear in the Maoxing Industrial Park.

Ma Lincan, deputy general manager of Maoxing Group, said:


“Gu Lao has a strong (underwear) production scale. It is the most advantageous to bring direct procurement and sales in this industry. The industrial park is based on the industrial belt. “,”

The knitted underwear industry is the pillar industry of Gurao Town. At present, the local and distinctive knitted underwear industry chain has been formed in the local area. A group of well -known brands such as Dai “Romantic Spring” produced nearly 700 million yuan in various underwear homes in various types of underwear.

Guo Yongjun, chairman of Guangdong Hongxing Industrial Co., Ltd., said:

“The company’s home service has always been the beneficiary of the Jingdong platform. Since the settlement platform has maintained its annual sales at a high speed growth. This cooperation has greatly promoted the development of underwear e -commerce in Shantou. Serve.”

It is understood that the settlement of Jingdong Group’s core technology enterprises will also strengthen the improvement of logistics foundations such as warehousing management and distribution services of Gurao Town, create a new Internet+circulation industry cluster, promote the integration of the physical industry and the Internet economy, and drive the area The overall development of the logistics industry has greatly improved the investment and trade environment of Gu Rao.


Malincan said:

“After signing the contract, Jingdong will set up a cloud warehouse in Maoxing E -commerce Park to carry out smart logistics projects. More



The introduction of some automated and intelligent devices allows us to have higher speed, efficiency, and accuracy in warehousing and logistics delivery. “

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