“A crutch” into the rural areas to warm the people’s hearts

Le of goodness is Chinese and American virtues. In order to practice the theme of “I do practical things for the masses”, promote the organic combination of assistance work with public welfare charity, and continue to help rural revitalization. Recently, under the leadership of Zhang Jibin, secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, a group of 10 people in the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau cooperated with Taikang Pension Insurance Co., Ltd. Gansu Branch. Send a dependence on the local people, especially left -behind elderly.

“一根拐杖”进农村 真情实意暖民心

During the event, the leader of the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, the head of Taikang Company, the “two committees” of the village, and the village assistant team visited the farmers’ homes to donate to the elderly in the village. The “Cutus” set, showing how to use an electric crutch on the spot, and specifically instructed the elderly how to prevent falls in simple and easy -to -understand language. Especially when I visited Grandpa Zhang’s house in the village, I learned that Grandpa Zhang’s crutches were just folded the previous two days before they were going to buy a new one. Grandpa Zhang said excitedly: “Thanks to the party and the government for sending warmth to the doorstep, and to our hearts.” Although the event was simple, the event site was full of tenderness, and the old people in the village showed their smiles.

“一根拐杖”进农村 真情实意暖民心

Since the launch of the assistance work, the “two committees” and the village assistance team in the ditch village have always been based on the vital interests of the people as the starting point and end of the work, adhere to the word “real”, and actively strive for assistance units and public welfare organizations. Waiting for the support of all parties, focus on solving the problem of anxiety around the masses, and try to do every good facts on the door of the masses and hearts, to seek the benefits of the people’s livelihood, solve the worries of the people’s livelihood, and truly build the assistance unit of the assistant unit. Lianxin Bridge with villagers.

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