Traveling in the autumn, I love my unique vest, with a T -shirt and shirt stacked and wearing foreign flavor and thinness.

In the fall of this year, what sweaters, sweaters, suits, and trench coats are almost the same. As soon as you go out, you can easily hit your shirt and want to look good and fashionable. Isn’t it easy to hit a shirt? Let’s try the vest!

In the autumn of 2021, the vest is the “darling” of fashionable fineness. It looks good with T -shirts and shirts. Hurry up and look at it ~

>> Question: How to match T -shirts and shirts with different styles?

(1) Classified according to the material of the vest


1. knitted vest


The knitted vest is gentle and skinny, and it is soft and glutinous. Whether it is stacked or single -wear with T -shirts, and shirts, you can make you beautiful in the crowd.

The most common of the knitted vests of the cardigan is a variety of small printed models, vest knitted vest prints and pure color models,

When stacked, you need to choose a loose and have a certain thickness style.

2. Cortical vest

The leather vest is very textured, but it is more difficult to control. It is usually black or brown pure color.

More suitable for thinning figures and tall children.

Black straight vest has a certain formal sense, suitable for casual clothing

For example, this most basic white T and linen shorts can be casual and comfortable.

3. suit vest

The weaving of the suit vest is delicate, and it looks very high -level and textured. The version design is usually simpler. It will look high -level with the T -shirt and shirts. It is very easy to control, regardless of body and height.

The light -colored linen vest on the left can be paired with a black T -shirt with partial body shape, using the color depth and the width of the version to make the matching no longer monotonous.


This pattern on the right can be paired with a basic solid color T -shirt,

Distinguishing patterns and pure colors is a must -have skill for fashionable fine clothes ~

(2) Classified according to the style of the vest

1. Vest vest


This vest vest is mainly knitted. When stacked, you must choose a large neckline and loose style.

Two sets of knitted vest vests are stacked with shirts. On the one hand, it is the exquisite white shirt+chiffon print skirt. On the other hand, it is the casual of a plaid shirt+denim straight pants. Each set can be beautiful.

2. Craccirt sweater vest

This cardigan -like cardigan -like vest is a “veteran” single product in the vest.

If you want to dress old and texture,

Don’t try too soft, thin, and too bright, high -saturated and fancy styles.


The loose design of a cardigan has a modified effect.

Fat girls can also have a slim T -shirt like this.

Use vest loose lines to blur the waist and abdomen lines, and can easily harvest a good figure. Is it not fragrant?

(3) Classified according to the style of the vest


1. Large -area printing vest

Many people feel that a large -area printing vest will look old -fashioned and full of rural sense, which may be because you do not master the essence of the combination of simplicity.


If the color system in the vest printing accounts for the main part, it is best to choose the color without color solid solid items such as black and white, gray brown blue, and try to avoid the same color inward.

2. Gongcong Wind vest

The vest of the work style is usually more complicated, and the sense of youth is heavier. It needs to be matched with simple inside.

If it is paired with a T -shirt, choose a solid color black and white gray T -shirt; if you pair it with a shirt, try to choose the basic loose shirt made of pure cotton.

Like this taro purple work vest, there are many pocket designs, which are prone to reserved and expanded. It needs to be paired with black T -shirts to reduce the sense of tediousness. Below with white shorts+small white shoes, combining the sense of girl and teenager will become particularly moving.


3. Ordinary solid color vest

Ordinary solid color vests are not easy to make errors, or choose color vests like on the picture, so it will look better with black and white T -shirts or shirts.

If the color vest is like this kind of Barbie suit vest, bright

The color of the degree or white tone, then the choice of white inside will be brighter and fresh.

>> Question: What are the points of the vest with T -shirts and shirts?

(1) Vests+T -shirts

1. The combination of T -shirt and vest simplified complex

The combination of simplified dressing skills is a must -have method for every fashion girl. If you still don’t look good with the printed vest with pure color single,

Then try white T -shirts or white shirts to match.

If you wear this dark brown checkered vest, if the skin is not fair enough and the figure is not slender, it will be particularly old. But after choosing a white T -shirt for brightening and neutralizing it, it became particularly pretty. This is the charm of the combination of simplified complexity.

2. Loose vest and loosening combination


When you buy a loose vest that is not fit, don’t rush to throw it away,

Try to combine it with other slim T -shirts in your wardrobe,

Instead, there will be unexpected surprises ~

If this loose grandfather vest alone, will it look particularly ridiculous? Choose a slim black T -shirt and a brown vest to lay the breath of the overall retro Japanese. Choose a loose and drooping black wide -leg pants with pants, with casual canvas shoes, the daily sense of miscellaneousness is stronger.

(2) Vests+shirts

1. Slim shirt with loose vest

Many people are helpless when facing the slim -fitting shirt. Wearing alone will look too old -fashioned, and other coats will not be high -level. So try to combine with a loose and stiff vest?

The slim -fit shirt must also choose a soft and vertical style, so that it will have a texture with a stiff vest. The vest is recommended to choose a loose and short and presented type A or H type,

Putting sexy flared pants, casual wide -leg pants are very good.

2. Soft and transparent shirt with thick and hard vest

Usually this shirt that is too soft or transparent is very easy to bring a sense of cheapness and is not suitable for single wear.

Putting it with vest with a certain thickness can easily save these cheap shirts.


The shirt on this lady is too soft, and she is easy to produce folds alone, which is not high enough. By stacking thick and delicate knitted vests, paired with pure cotton kaki -colored cigarette pants, and then on a pair of British style leather shoes that can expose ankles, you can also be in London without going out.


The vest with T -shirts and shirts should pay attention to the combination of simplicity, compact combination, and length. Ten T -shirts and shirts try to choose the basic models as much as possible. The color is durable. The vest must choose a thick and stiff version.


This fall is the world of vests. With T -shirts casual and casual, it is a full -scale atmosphere; with the retro literary art of shirts, it is an inadvertent sense of high -level.

As long as you have tried the combination of vests and T -shirt shirts, you will no longer give up their beauty and moving. This fall, let us sink together in the fashion sea of ​​vests+T -shirts / shirts …

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