Zhang Tianai is really a “S code” figure, and the suit is hanging on her body. “Empty” is so thin

In the seasons all year round, the most commonly matched clothing is pants, and whether it is shorts or trousers, we will wear it in life, so in a strict sense, pants are the most versatile clothing. Whether it is trousers or shorts,

A piece of tailored pants will increase a grade for our fashion matching

Essence Like Zhang Tianai’s black elastic cropped pants, let’s take a look at it below.

Zhang Tian’ai’s match set

Leisure and sports style


In one, the upper body with a very loose suit with Khaki looks full of boyfriend’s style, and it is particularly comfortable to wear. It is a model of casual style clothing. And the lower body

Seven points black stretch pants

Then, a pair of big red sports shoes, which is a strong sports style. and

Upper width and narrow shape

It is also a very fashionable clothing matching method, which can be visually thinner.

Fashion clothing single product analysis

Khaki loose suit

※ Highlights: The feeling of drooping & slim ※ Thunder point: short man ※ Key point: match the waistband & openness

This khaki color loose suit comes from


The cutting is very simple and neat

, Up and down the whole body




Complicated pattern

Decoration, the overall feeling is very uniform and neat. And the suit fabric with a coat texture is also very close to the body.

Soft fabric

The whole shape is very good


It is also very stylish on the body. This

Style thunder point

The matching is

Short girl

, Too long style

It will look shorter.

Small girls can be matched, and then

Prepare a belt

, On a long jacket

It shows that your true waistline

It can also show a good proportion.

Black elastic seven -point sports pants

※ Highlights: tight -fitting elastic & modification figure ※ Main point: semi -blocking match

This black elastic seven -point sports pants have chosen very much

Elastic fabric

Come and make it, when we wear it, this very elastic material is also very

Follow our skin.

And the length of the cropped pants

It happens to expose the position of a small ankle

It is also extraordinarily when wearing





Loose mid -length T -shirt



They are very modified.

The tight style is destined to have a strong requirement for the body

Essence So if

Poor leg shape

Thick legs


For girls, suggestions

Choose a semi -blocking match,

Both skirts and long coats can be half -covered, leaving only the slender part.

It was really beautiful by Zhang Tianai’s legs. Wearing bodybuilding pants and “boyfriend suit”, the upper width and narrow were attractive. I have to say that Zhang Tian’ai’s figure is really great. This pair of long legs slender and slender, it is really beautiful by Zhang Tianai’s legs. Wearing a black elastic bodybuilding pants with a khaki boyfriend’s style, the upper and lower narrow match looks very attractive.

Zhang Tian’ai is really a “S code” figure. The suit is hanging on her body, and “empty” is so thin. Zhang Tianai’s figure is really equivalent to S code small figure, and the small body of the skeleton is also particularly good, as if it is a walking hanger. The wide boyfriend Fengxi clothes worn on her body, just like hanging on the hanger, the empty feeling is so thin.

Pants and clothing fashion matching

Look1 gray wide -leg jumpsuit

This gray wide -leg jumpsuit is also very unique and unique in tailoring and design.

Low -neck design

Make the overall shape very

Strap pants



One piece

Pure white short -sleeved T -shirt

Then look more youthful and vibrant,

The design of the front zipper

Also for the overall shape


Add a trace of fashion

Ultra -long trouser leg design

Already covered with the feet, and

Widening trouser legs


It is also very good to wrap the leg muscles, from visually

The legs look particularly slender.

LOOK2 Light Blue Polying Jeans

This light blue ripped jeans is a very favorite style. Light blue jeans give people a very small and fresh Japanese feeling. and

Rolled pants leg



Irregular holes in randomly cut off

It is also for the overall shape

Add a trace of randomness

High waist design

If you put on the top of the shirt into the waist of the trousers, it is even more from

Visually seemed to be slender legs,

Re -match

Black pointed high -heeled shoes

It is even more cool.

Look3 black high -waisted chain tight pants

This black high -waisted tights are also very delicate in detail, making the overall slightly monotonous tight black trousers have a touch of fashion.

The zipper of the waist is pulled open design

It looks like the overall shape is very very

Sexy and bold

And tight black trousers look even more

The legs of the legs are particularly slender and thin

Essence After watching Zhang Tianai’s fashion matching of so many trousers, which one do you like best? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area and discuss with the editor.



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