Lebai, big rolls and little raccoon, are these brands that accompany a generation of children grow up now?

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The recent big white rabbit toffee appeared in people’s vision, when it cooperated with a fragrance brand to launch perfume and shower gel. At this time, people were shocked to accompany themselves to grow up, and it has been listed for 60 years.


The old emotions have once again transformed into purchasing power. These peripheral products of Big White Rabbit were bought more than 14,000 pieces within ten minutes of sale. In front of the milk tea pop -up shop officially launched by a big white rabbit, the wait in line for more than 4 hours -it is not surprising that such a case is already touched, and we always want to seize something.

It’s not just a big white rabbit. Lebai AD Calcium Milk, Yili Pudding, Large Publly Gum, True Stuff Lollipop, and Herchon are simply noodles … They build childhood taste buds of post -80s and post -90s to a certain extent, all of which are consumer of that era Explosion. But now, these names seem to be “disappeared.”

These brands have no longer appeared in our field of vision, some of which were defeated in the competition of business society, some were acquired and lost their right to speak, and some became ordinary members of a company’s many product lines. And after we have economic foundation and consumption capacity, we choose better or more suitable products -tear up one dollar and a pack of small raccoon simply noodles in childhood. Now it may require thousands of times the price of consumption to retrieve it. Essence

Children’s Day, we want to see how these business brands accompanied by you and me are now. In the process of ups and downs in the consumer market, we have grown up unconsciously.

“Large” bubble sugar becomes dim after the master

When chewing gum was already popular, many people also habitually tried to blow a bubble, and soon failed -then realized that chewing gum is not equal to large bubble sugar.

“TATA” bubble sugar is the first teacher who blows bubbles in countless children. In 1989, Joycogroup, a private food giant of Spain’s private food giant, brought “big” bubbles into China. At first, it was listed on a single pack. It was simple and convenient to eat a piece at a time. Four years later, in 1993, “Large” launched “big rolls”. Publishes like tape measures were installed in a round box. In the first section, the flexibility is increased -compared to the “big” bubble sugar of a single block, the “big volume” is more, so the price is more expensive, and it has also become the standard for “luxury childhood”.

Later, the “big volume” box began to launch toys gifts, with the concept of “box boxes with surprise”, and gave children a novel and fun cartoon toy in each volume of products. This product is therefore in the market more popular. In 1999, “Great Superman” was born, bringing super soft bubble sugar. This is the first “Superman” that Chinese children know -for a long time, many people think that “big superposter” and the “Superman” of the American DC comics are the same person.

By 2008, it was greatly easy to master. Agulimin Candy Group was sold to the Jianzi Company, a subsidiary of the US private food giant Mars Group by some candy business of Jiakou Group. The arrow is a well -known gum brand that is well known in China. Purchase gum acquisition of bubble sugar is logical, which is beneficial to expand product lines and sales channels. However, there are some views that the competition faced by reducing the arrow brand in the Chinese market by acquisition. At that time, the transaction funds were as high as $ 272 million.

Among the acquired brands, in addition to large bubble sugar, there are also “real sticks” lollipop, “solano” toffee, and so on that Chinese children like.

Wu Xiaoling, then the director of the company’s company affairs, said in an interview with the media that all the funds include not only the acquisition of their assets, but also the purchase of their brand value, which means that the arrow cards can retain these brands or re -to these brands or re -to these brands. Brand naming. Regarding great, Ms. Wu Xiaoling said that the brand is more well -known in China, and Jianzao China is likely to be retained.

After the completion of the 2008 acquisition, large bubbles have rarely appeared in media reports, and it is difficult to see the big superhuman figures such as supermarkets and convenience stores. Essence

Today, you can buy it at some small sales departments near the school, and Tmall and JD.com can still search for it, but after being acquired, inside the product line with rich product lines, obviously green arrows like Volkswagen products that are more popular products. It is easy to obtain channels and promote priority.

Le Bai’s AD Calcium Milk: Returning out of life

Unlike the green packaging of the Wahaha AD calcium milk, Lebai’s AD calcium milk was once packaged in red, and it also occupied a seat in the childhood memories of a generation.

Beverage giant Lebai was born in Guangdong in 1989. At that time, He Boquan and four partners founded Zhongshan Lebai Health Products Co., Ltd. in a small house. The company’s long -lasting veteran fist products.

Le Bai’s AD calcium milk is one of the products. In the product introduction, AD calcium milk is a nutritious drink made of microcapsule vitamin A, vitamin D and ionic calcium on the basis of Laoba’s milk. Growth and development -so it became a bottle of explosive drinks for children, because Zhao Wei, who quickly became popular in “Returning Pearls”, also became its spokesperson.

In 1992, the output value of Lebai was 80 million yuan, and a rich product matrix was built, including health products, dairy products, beverages, mineral water, etc. During the same period, the Laoba’s bottle -loading water business was also booming, and once set a 30%market share, forming a three -legged market pattern with Wahaha and Nongfu Spring.


However, in the end of the 1990s, in the face of Wahaha’s step -by -step compliance, Lebaishi felt uncomfortable in the competition, so he began to move closer to France’s Danone Group. He hoped that through cooperation with international giants, he helped Lebai to get rid of the predicament and improve to a one. New height.


In 2000, Danone Group acquired 92 % of Lebai’s equity and attributed the latter to His Majesty. However, shortly after the acquisition, Lebai had a management turmoil, and the veteran team led by He Baiquan was out; huge losses occurred in 2005. Since 2006, he has made a significant layoff. The production and sales of water installation, Lebai’s AD calcium milk has gradually disappeared into people’s sight.


Subsequently, Danone sold Lobe in 2016, assets, including brands, factories and employees, were transferred as a whole, and Yingtou Holdings Co., Ltd. took over. At present, there are three major shareholders of Lebai (Guangdong) Drinking Water Co., Ltd., which are Yingtou Holdings Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Carnival Industrial Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Qianhai Furong Asset Management Co., Ltd., respectively. 10%.

On the other hand, Wahaha, who also interspersed with Danone Group that year, has always maintained business independence after experiencing “Dawa’s dispute” with a tough attitude. In 2017, Wahaha also launched a 30 -year AD calcium milk commemorative version at the 30th anniversary of the company and was released in a limited edition.

This year is the year of Lebai, and it seems to reveal the ambition that came again. In April of this year, the green packaging Laoba bottle was returned. Starting from Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places, it gradually pushed to the national market. But the Lebai AD calcium milk that accompanies you and me does not seem to have anymore.

Gao Lego: It said that it can make you grow taller, but you have never grown up

“Drinking Gaosogao, eating is fragrant.” When we were young, we all heard this advertisement. This kind of cocoa drink allows many people to believe that it can be “long -lasting” and “happy to become happy” and “happy” and “happy” and “happy” and “happy to become happy. “The legend of” long man “was widely circulated so that Gao Le Gao’s official website finally clarified that Gao Le Gao was just a nutritious food and could not be regarded as a” long medicine “.

Gao Laogao was born in Spain after World War II. With the promotion of the Olympic Games and some sports activities, it has swept the entire Spain and became a must -have food for Spanish families. In 1990, the Nundelazba Group, which produced Gaogle Gao, established Tianjin Nudlezba Co., Ltd. to become the first Spanish food company in mainland China. Essence

Gao Laogao, who entered China, began to enter rapid growth, becoming the most eye -catching product in the market. In 1996, Gao Laogao was named the Chinese Olympic Committee and the State Administration of Training as a designated nutritional food for the Chinese delegation of the Olympic Games; from 2005 to 2009, it even became a designated special product for the Chinese gymnastics team.

However, this scenery has not been maintained for too long, and the halo of Olympic marketing is quite short. At the same time, now, Gao Lego and its competitors, Milo, Avantian, and domestic Lekou Fu, and other brands, in their respective e -commerce, offline retail terminals, catering and other channels, still Silently working on the market, but it seems difficult to copy the success of the past.

The popularity of tuning beverages is inseparable from the background of the era of material scarcity. The huge popularity of that year and the quality of the product itself did not have much to do. The temporary market recognition obtained by marketing methods could not continue. It was also expected to be eliminated by the market.

Illi Pudding: The Chinese Dairy brand in the ice cream market

In fact, we want to say more than just small pudding, but also green mood, ice factory and so on.

To some extent, these products also record the contest of Yili and Mengniu in the field of ice cream -when the ice cream market has not been dominated by quality, the five cents of Yili pudding, Mengniu green mood, and the bright three -color cup of light cups It is the summer of the post -90s -the struggle of these two giants is not only the field of normal temperature liquid milk, but also fiercely in the ice cream market.


For example, Yili has a small pudding and a large pudding, and Mengniu has pudding ice cream; Yili has an ice factory, Mengniu has ice+; Mengniu’s green mood is selling well, and Yili also has the same “Yili mood”.

But just as the impact of all industrial consumption upgrades on traditional products -when there is a convenience store in our lives that a convenience store is 20 yuan imported ice cream, it is claimed to use the natural handmade Italian ice cream or a difficult thing to find In the ice cream net red shop, a five -dollar popsicle has gradually disappeared in life.

The ice cream industry is also facing consumption upgrades. Healthy and non -added are still the main demands. Yili’s main cold drink products are now “Zhelian” -the all claims to use fresh milk from the selection of pasture as a base material, and the cream content exceeds 22%. It is aimed at the high -end ice cream consumer market.

According to Yili’s 2018 annual report, cold drinks are the second largest source of income except liquid milk. The main business income is 4.997 billion yuan, an increase of 8.49%year -on -year. The slowest. But Yili is still the biggest player in the market. According to the Prospective Industry Research Institute, Yili’s market share reached 13.67%in 2017, and Mengniu and Lu Xue were behind.

“Tomorrow tomorrow, will you still send me crystal love?” –

“Jelly is Xilang” -The you must have heard this slogan when you were young, and more than once. Today, we were brainwashed when we were brainwashed by brands such as the brand such as the honeycomb, and the platinum travel and the photography -more than ten years ago, Xi Zhilang had already played.


In 1993, Li Yongjun, who was originally a technician in dairy factories, realized the potential of the jelly market in Chinese families. He raised 400,000 yuan to enter the jelly industry with a bud state and established the Xizhiro Group. At that time, China had a hundred jelly workshops in large and small, but there was no molding brand.

Li Yongjun put most market budgets into brand building, putting on TV advertisements, newspapers, broadcasting, and all the accessories that can be implanted to the “Jelly Pudding Xilang” advertisement. Later, there was “Crystal Love” -n pink, love -shaped jelly, with the advertisement of Crystal Love “Tomorrow, will you give me the love of crystal?”, It became a girl in primary and secondary school girls at the time. The starting point. This jelly was released in 1998 with the release of “The Titanic”, and it has launched a lot of film advertisements, which is also popular in China. Some people in the industry said that Xilang’s investment in advertisements is nearly 100 million yuan each year.

The other products of Xizhiro Group are similar to the earliest jelly brands -Youlemei Milk Tea and Beautiful Time are the product lines of Xizhiro Group, and they also appear more or less in your childhood.

However, the success of the Crystal Love Jelly and Youlemei Milk Tea once failed to continue.

At the bulk counter of the small sale and supermarket stores in low -line cities, you can still see the trace of Xizhiro Jelly, but with the diversification of the tide of consumption upgrade and the diversification of young people’s taste, the product with a single and less innovative Xizhi Lang is huge in huge. The market investment began to expose disadvantages.

An article published in the “Analysis of the Jelly Industry and New Product Development Trends” published in the “China Food News”. In addition to no addition and low sugar trend, “cross -border products of jelly and ice cream are popular in recent years. For example, if you can suck ice cream and jelly ice cream; and jelly cross -border starts to transfer adult snacks, brown candy jelly, enzyme jelly, red wine jelly, and start to appear in the adult snack market. “


Today, Wangwang once became one of Xizhi Lang’s biggest opponent. The only frozen pudding category under Wangwang Group has different products that can be sucking jelly, sticky coffee frozen, green tea jelly, fruit flavor, rock jelly and other different products, which can meet most consumers in different consumption The needs of the scene.

And Xi Zhilang Jelly has almost not changed today -if you log in to the official website of Xizhiro, you will find that the page of “Crystal Love Jelly” is still retro style: the design of the combination of men and women, the combination of pink and green, The earthen love copywriting copy is nostalgic, but it can no longer be called fashion.

Unified little raccoon: has become a “nostalgic food”

In August 2017, the Unified Group launched the reciprocating version of the small raccoon simply, and people realized that it had not mentioned it for a long time.

In 1999, the little raccoon, which officially appeared in the mainland market, simply faced the Water Margin card, and became popular all over the country for a while, becoming a hard currency in the hands of primary and secondary school students in the country. This card that was almost swept across the country around 2000 appeared as a gift from the country. Each card was painted with a pretty exquisite water -marker character. Not to mention those students with gold and silver cards and flash cards -more than ten years ago, the value of the gold card of a rare person in the primary school collection industry was almost equivalent to rare South African diamonds.


The crazy brand of creating this phenomenon -level card is a unified food. At that time, the little raccoon simply set a miraculous sales record. Unified for this explosive product at the time, 27 flavors have been launched.

In Zhihu, an anonymous user who claimed to work in Ogilvy Shanghai (Ogilvy was a unified agent at that time) and participated in the Water Margin Card project, saying that the Water Margin Card allowed the cost of reunification to make the construction building (unified international building). There is a saying that the “Collection of the original Painting Collection of the Three Kingdoms of the Three Kingdoms” of the Japanese cartoonist Zhengzi Gongye was very popular in Japan. It was found that there were business opportunities to follow, so they found Chinese painters across the country, and each containing a thousand yuan for each containing pen. The compensation was paid, and in the end, the 108 hero cards and 6 wicked cards that made countless elementary school students scratched their heads.

Later, the unified little raccoon also launched other hero cards, but it can no longer copy the success of the Water Margin card. After we gradually started learning online surfing with QQ chat and learning to find entertainment in the virtual world, the physical water margin card transaction is no longer popular.

Although the little raccoon simply did not discontinue production, we couldn’t pick up the packaging bag and surprised and surprised.


The unified instant noodle business has gradually begun to transform -the little raccoon no longer becomes an important product.

It launched high -end instant noodle products such as “Tangda”, and now it has begun to focus on self -heating bento such as “opening small stoves” -these high -unit price products can bring more profit returns to unification. The unified disclosed 2018 report showed that instant noodle business revenue rose 5.7%, accounting for 38.7%of the Group’s total income.


On Tmall, many merchants labeled the little raccoon with the “post -80s after the 80s”.

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