Women’s large -size fur integrated medium -length jacket, I wore L code at 140 pounds and did not look bloated at all.

I will share with you a short coat of fur. Today I will share with you a long model.

Seeing everyone in the group said that if you want to make a coat of fur, helpless figure is not good.

Today, I can try this one. I also look good at 140 pounds of L code and not bloated at all.

Let’s take a look at the effect of style pictures. This is the model effect.


Share the tailoring of the L code

Drawing unit: centimeter

There are no sewing edges for cutting drawings. When cutting, you can follow different sewing processes and sewing edges.

There are two lines on the collar, which are the paintings of large and small collar. When making, the uniform production process inside and outside should be used.

This is a painting method that belongs to the falling sleeve. The painting method of falling shoulder sleeves has been released in the circle, and those who need it can be viewed in the circle.

The style belongs to the medium -length style, which is 10cm on the knee. You can also increase or reduce it according to your needs


If you need other numbers, you can push the board according to the feed 4cm length of 1.5cm sleeve length 0.5cm shoulder width 2cm

The neckline of this one must also be pushed, and the push board is pushed according to 1cm.

If you want to learn more women’s version and push board, you can click the circle card below to enter the circle to learn from the most basic


(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

Production process and sewing process commentary

The fabric choice, the fur integration of the fabric, and the double -sided cashmere. If you want to make other fabrics, you can make the style of the complete set

The fur -integrated fabric is generally sewn according to the sewing process of the fur. It is sewn for special planes. The home is generally not available. Here we can use a barrier to replace it, and the effect is also good. It is exactly what I have done!

Production process: 1 First follow the pocket position on the picture to make pockets. You can open the pocket first and then cover the bag on the mouth of the bag

2 Sewing midfish, front and rear shoulder sewing, sleeve cage and sleeve mountain stitching.

3 The folds of the 3 cuffs are fixed first, the bottom of the sleeve is sutured, and the front and back are sideways.


4 upper cuff


5 Make a patch. When this composite fabric is made of noodles, it is necessary to tear off the layer of the top hair before stitching

As shown in the figure:

6 Breatts and cuffs can be done.

7 Being a collar, the bottom layer of the collar must also tear off the layer of hairy. Just suture the lock on the lock of the collar


The finished product is completed.

That’s it for today’s sharing. Try it if you like it


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