Middle -aged and elderly women are too conservative to wear clothes. Try these advanced senses, fashionable and elegant

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Many women after the middle -aged and elderly people have begun to change a lot. Some women feel that they are older, and even how to dress up, there is no help, so there are so many “aunt” images. Essence

In fact, even when you reach middle and elderly people, you ca n’t give up dressing because of age. In addition, do n’t be too conservative in dressing. Try more about these high -level senses, fashionable and elegant! ▼

Let me talk to you first, where are the sense of high -level dressing? ↓

The older the older women, the most simple items are as simple as possible in dressing and matching. The simpler clothes, the more fashionable and outstanding clothes, and help you wear more advanced! So where is the sense of high -level dressing?

The first is to choose a simple basic style item, the second is the color matching.

These two are very critical, and it is also a necessary condition to directly affect your sense of high sense.


The following advanced senses are worth learning! ▼

Black and white wear has always been very popular. The combination of these two colors can control it! So classic and versatile, as a middle -aged and elderly woman, you can also use more black and white in wearing, and after a minimalist item, you can really wear a sense of high -level!

The capable white shirt skirt with black sweater vests, in spring, it is very appropriate to wear it. In addition, when choosing clothes styles in middle -aged and elderly people, they also pay more attention to the next version. The loose and comfortable version can help you cover the shortcomings of your figure. It is thin and casual. If you want to show the black and white dress to show a sense of fashion, add some bright accessories, such as bags, belts, or silk scarves.

In the middle -aged and elderly women, don’t dress too conservatively. Although the simple basic style items are more suitable for this age, they must not ignore a sense of fashion. The high -grade gray sweater, the fabric is more textured and thick, it is suitable for dealing with the cold current. It can be worn alone or as a base for any coat. No matter how you match it, it is beautiful.

The black skirt selected by the bottom is matched with the shape of the umbrella skirt. It has an excellent modification effect on the figure, especially for the pear -shaped figure. After wearing it, it perfectly modifies the proportion of the figure, which is thin and elegant at the same time! The waist uses a black belt to emphasize the waistline while increasing the proportion of waistline. This is a very friendly skill for small children.


I do n’t know when it started, such as a suit jacket has gradually begun to be loved by many tide people and bloggers. After a woman in the middle and elderly people, Lily suggested that you can try more suits. Now entering the winter, when choosing a suit jacket, pay more attention to the selection of materials and fabrics. Thickening fabrics have an excellent warmth effect to wear.

As for color, don’t choose classic black, this earth color is also very good, at least it can show your mature charm. I chose a high -necked bottom sweater with the same color system. The lower body is simple with a pair of jeans, and the whole person looks younger!

Black suit jackets are famous for classic and versatile. So for such a capable and unsatisfactory sense of formal sense, how should old women be fashionable? First of all, the choice of inside and the next dress is very important.


The white T -shirt is used as an inner, and some casual and beautiful, because the addition of the T -shirt is very good at reducing the dullness brought by the black suit. At the same time, it also increased a few sexy. The necklace worn around the neck looks exquisite and tasteless!

The older the woman, who is wearing in the autumn and winter seasons, should also try the combination of coats and pleated skirts. I have to say that skirts like pleated skirts are really elegant to wear. It can create a decent sense of vision.


The light -colored belt coat, which only needs to be equipped with a solid color bottoming shirt inside. The khaki cortex half -bodies pleated skirt makes the whole dress more feminine and temperament. Stepping on a pair of thick high -heeled boots under your feet, while lengthening the lines of the legs, it is very charm!



Well, this is here today’s sharing of Lily, thank you for your heart reading. Middle -aged and elderly women do n’t have too conservative clothes. Try these advanced senses, fashionable and elegant!

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