Yan Control’s Welfare “Youhe Monkey” 4K level scene map

Obviously so powerful, but it depends on the face value, yes, it is such a monkey year for the year of the year of the family. The genuine adaptation, the action special effects of a fifth bubble dragon -style gameplay, and those who are full of fun -and -me -in -emoticons, but have a stunning high -value details as a casual “mini game”. Even a set of battle scene maps that were exposed today are also surprising. This detail is controlled, I have a full score!

颜控的福利 《悠嘻猴》4K级场景图赏

The battle scene map is the overall background of the bubbles in “You Hee Monkey” to eliminate the war. As a plot element that connects the expression of the Youhe monkey series, and the atmosphere element of rendering the gameplay gameplay, its importance is self -evident. The exposed scene first shows the special imagination of the game team. The small villages, beaches, suburbs, sea, amusement parks, Chinatown, Floating Island, and Forest each of the seaside villages, the sea, the sea, the amusement park, the Chinese city, the floating island, and the forest. Virtual fantasies have everything. And these maps do not appear alone, but are interrelated, and finally form a complete story evolution of panorama.

These scenes not only have explosive imagination, but also the final perfect presentation effect, but also shows the strong execution of the game team to build the scene. Although the overall scene is a comic style, its light and shadow, and the use of details have exaggerated without distortion effects. Among them, there are romantic works such as floating islands combining mysterious elements. When you enter the game, you can not only enter the battle atmosphere in an instant, but also get a complete game background plot by gradually understanding the meaning of the scene map.

These combat scene maps are integrated with various special effects when the bubbles are eliminated, from simple to complex. It will show players 200 levels and more than 10 kinds of gameplay. You also need to integrate the strategy into the elimination skills. With the time limit or step limit, the plan is in different gameplay such as chocolate mode, lightning mode, and rotating level mode.

颜控的福利 《悠嘻猴》4K级场景图赏

In a high -value scene, you can not only see the funny charm of Youhe Monkey in the game for the first time, but also can come to a bubble dragon to rescue the war. The super welfare comes, and this year of the monkey will make “Youhe Monkey” accompany you a surprise year!

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颜控的福利 《悠嘻猴》4K级场景图赏

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