Xunfei Input Method launched the “Game Voice Keyboard”: Black words can also be identified

IT House News on January 20th, competitive games have always been fascinating, and good team communication has become the key to winning. In order to improve the communication efficiency in the game, players are trying to find ways outside the game. Facing the player’s “pain point”, Xunfei input method indicates the launch of the “game voice keyboard” to further optimize the voice input effect of the game scene, which aims to enhance the player’s experience. The game voice keyboard is currently limited to the Android version experience of Xunfei input method.


IT House was informed that “Game Voice Keyboard” is a keyboard function featuring voice input. After adaptation with various mobile games, this keyboard has a fast voice to text (400 words in 1 minute), the accuracy rate of recognition is high (98%of the voice recognition rate), 23 dialect voice input, intelligent recognition game “Black words” black words “black words “The characteristics, and the keyboard has the characteristics of suspension, can quickly move the position without covering the game screen, and also built -in fast -moving statements, which improves communication efficiency and gaming experience.

At the beginning of 2022, Xunfei input method combined with “Peace Elite” customized exclusive game voice keyboard, and launched “Peace Elite-Dragon Dance Lion”, “Peace Elite-Extreme Harbin”, “Peace Elite-Frozen Christmas” in the skin shop Theme skin.


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