During the decoration, there is no need to buy these 7 pieces of furniture home! It’s not just money, it’s really practical

Although it is said that furniture can embellish the space to a certain extent, no matter how good the furniture, if the practicality is lacking, you can only call it chicken ribs!


Today is here,

Share with you 7 more typical “chicken ribs” furniture


I hope that after reading it, don’t step on the pit.

Circular coffee table

Small in size, beautiful shape, and not occupying space. In recent years, it has been very popular on the Internet. But its biggest inconvenience is that there is less storage space, and there is no way to store items with hand, which lacks practicality.

Suggestion ①

The coffee table is still mainly storage and worrying about occupying the space. You can choose a fine -legged coffee table, which is refreshing visual and reduces the corner of hygiene.

Or use a small cart to replace the coffee table, which is convenient to move and meet the storage needs. The face value is not lost to the round coffee table.


lazy sofa

It looks really comfortable, and it feels good as I used, but after a long time, I found that the lazy sofa is getting more and more uncomfortable, and it is hard to stand up every time. The key is that it is not easy to clean, and it can only be idle in the corner.


Suggestion ②

Do not buy short feet and lazy sofas, low durability. It is recommended to choose a set of thin leg sofas, simple and generous, and it is easy to take care of it if it is dirty.

Murphy bed

Although it can save space, there are many inconveniences when using it:


Pull down when you sleep, don’t fold back, back and forth, it’s very troublesome

The space located in front of the bed must be empty, and no furniture can be placed, otherwise it will affect the use of the bed and it is not convenient to move.

The life of the spring is limited. Once there is a problem, it must be replaced in time, otherwise it is easy to danger.

Reduce the space of the cabinet, which greatly reduces the practicality of the cabinet


Suggesty ③


If the space at home is enough, there is no Murphy bed! Choose the bed with a drawer at the bottom, absolutely more durable

Glass door wardrobe

Good -looking is good -looking, but it is not suitable for placing in the bedroom. The glass transmission is high, and the inside of the cabinet is neatly tidy, and it is prone to chaos from the outer side. Moreover, the glass cabinet door is easy to residue the handprint, which adds a clean burden in virtual.


Suggesty ④


It is not a special needs. Wardrobe is still installed with physical cabinet doors. It is strong and durable.

Open wine cabinet


Although the original intention was to put wine, but for a long time, I wanted to put everything on it. From a distance, the wine cabinet was like a debris; the open design was easy to fall into gray, and it was full of exhaustion.

Suggesty ⑤

As a closed meal cabinet, it is more functional and better care than an open wine cabinet.

Folding dining table

It really saves space, but it needs to be folded back and forth every time you eat. This is a laborious and troublesome thing. Another problem is that the stability of the folding dining table is poor and restless.

Suggestion ⑥

Unless the restaurant space is very limited, you must use a folding dining table to free up the aisle area, and do not buy it.



The Chinese have no need for bathing, and the bathtub is really not necessary. Like my bathtub, I was idle only once, and later used it as a storage … Anyway, it was very chic.



Compared with the bathtub, the shower is more suitable for the Chinese people’s shower habits, that is, it is easy to use, which is very convenient. Choose a stainless steel shower, wipe it in dirty, don’t worry about reserving the dead corner of hygiene.



Finally, I suggest you:


When buying furniture, consider the actual experience, don’t follow the trend! Buy Chinese and unrealistic furniture!

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