Summer shirt -chain real silk cotton

Materials: Duoduo wool home chain real silk cotton lace, 328 grams of wires, is really good!


Use needle: 3.5mm stick needle, Guangpai 4 hook needle


Weaving method: 150 stitches from top to bottom, five stitches on both sides of the side, and some cell treasure needles in the middle. The woven direction is woven from the position of the neckline. The needles are closed on both sides of the needle for 14 stitches. Then start the woven of the machine collar. After the weaving, it is divided into 30+62+30 in total 122 stitches.


Weaving down from the neckline position

There is a needle on the shoulder line. There are 44 stitches on each side of the needle and a flat line. 80 stitches out of the cage, 8 stitches on each side of the armpit. I have a needle treatment for the body part. Two stitches are added under the armpits every 8, and 40 stitches are added on one side. A total of 80 stitches are added on both sides. Because of the characteristics of silk cotton, this line is relatively high. As a result, the dangling degree of clothes is higher, and the effect of adding needles to be treated with pins is better. Of course, you can also add needles in the horizontal direction, and the effect is also good. Just woven to the right length. The processing icon on the edge of the hem is as follows:

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