Sister Li Yan Shanglang 3! 47 -year -old wearing a purple sweater tie a double ponytail to change the young girl, the image is changed,

For women, it is really a very friendly item. As the most basic item, the sweater does not pick age and figure. At the same time, it is quite good. They all like to use it to have a concave shape. With the development of the trend, the style is also richer and richer, and the style presents a lot of changes.

As a female singer, in addition to the impression of my singing skills, Li Yan’s impression is really a highlight of the sister’s figure and dress. Dress -up always does not go to ordinary ways. In addition to showing the figure, you can always wear styles and styles that are not your own age.

Wear small knowledge: solid color sweater

Advantages: classic versatile, suitable for mature women


In the old age, when we are dressed in clothes, they still have to show their temperament. Take the sweater, the style is extremely rich, but when it comes to the sense of fashion, it must be a solid color style. Although the solid color is relatively simple, it is relatively simple. However, in terms of matching, it can fully achieve good results, thereby presenting better clothes.

This time, Sister Shanglang 3, Li Yan chose a solid sweater at work. Although the loose version did not show a slim figure, the comfort was very high.

Wear small knowledge: purple potato color+detail decoration


Advantages: young and white, can also improve highlights


Solid -colored clothing is indeed versatile, but if you want to look good, you still need to be cautious in color selection. In order to avoid affecting the overall aesthetics, you generally like to choose elements with higher saturation. This can improve the visual effect, followed by You can get rid of the simple sense, of course, you can also choose a personalized element to enhance the refinement.

Li Yan is still very good. This solid sweater jacket uses purple potato color matching. At the same time, small objects of granules are composed of different colors and decorated on the chest to create an extremely amazing sense of vision. ,Very beautiful.


Wear small knowledge: tight jeans

Advantages: combined with tightness to show the advantages of the figure

There are quite a lot of choices for the sweaters. Whether it is skirt or pants, it can show the charm of styling. Of course, for women with good figures, they are mainly trousers or self -cultivation. Style, such a loose top, presents one up and down dress. In addition, this style of dressing is also the dress of most young women, which can have an age reduction effect.

It can be seen that Li Yan’s figure is famous for his slim. Facing tight jeans, it is naturally not hesitant. The classic Matsushita tight dressing method can show the slim figure even five or five points.

Wear small knowledge: double ponytail

Advantages: age reduction girl, the image changes greatly


When more and more women are dressed, they will use details to make up for the lack of clothes, especially the basic shapes such as sweaters and jeans. The use of detail elements can greatly increase the beauty of the shape. For example, makeup hair is rich in style, and it is also part of young women who often use concave shapes.

Li Yan, who has been out for a long time, is really prepared this time. She is very prepared. It is very hard. The first time she appeared, she chose the dual ponytail dress.

QS: What are the clothes styles of Li Yan?

Select TIPS: Set shape

Many women think that the shape of the suit is too simple, because the style is seriously affected. In fact, when facing the suit, if it is not integrated -cut clothing, it should be like Li Yan. The bottom shirt is full of sexy shape, so that the suit will not become monotonous, but it will become rich and rich.


Select TIPS: suit+leggings

As a must -have item for women at the moment, how can we get its figure less. Compared with the traditional suit, modern suit dress can be said to be very rich. The shoulder -like eye -catching suit is matched with tight trousers, which is tightly put on, showing a good figure, and it can also show feminine charm.

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