The toilet that can be flushed automatically, the new product experience of Zhimi smart toilet: change life from here

It’s coming to winter soon, this is one of the most disliked seasons, none. There are many reasons that do not like. Of course, one of the most upset of me is that the toilet is too painful, especially when I sit on the cold toilet ring, the body temperature of the whole person can instantly decrease several degrees. Although you can use a cushion, you always feel that you don’t feel too sanitary, so you always want to change a smart toilet with heating.


In addition to the reasons for the cold to the toilet in winter, there are several reasons that make me want to change the original toilet. The first is insufficient impulse. Sometimes it is necessary to rinse 2-3 times after going to the toilet to rinse, and sometimes there are dirt come from the pipes after flushing. The second is to hide dirt and dirt. The position between the toilet lid and the water tank is often easy to accumulate dirt, which is not convenient and time -consuming. The third point is my personal reasons. After Ben San, the memory and concentration of concentration have deteriorated. Sometimes they forget to rush to the toilet.


After considering for a long time, I first chose to set the water -free toilet, because compared to the water tank toilet, the size is smaller. And in many smart+water -free toilets, finally chose


Zhimi smart toilet all -in -one C1. The reason for choosing Zhimi is that on the one hand, several electrical appliances in the family purchase from Zhimi, which gives people a good quality. On the other hand, the reason is that they can access Xiaomi smart families, so the functionality of the smart toilet is more abundant.


After the order was placed in Xiaomi, the logistics push was quickly received. Although this is not the first time I bought large products online, the toilet made of ceramics is easy after all, and the weight is not light. It may damage the toilet in any link. Fortunately, Zhimi’s packaging is very solid, and the logistics is more careful. It is basically not damaged from the tie to the packaging. The inside of the packaging is fully fixed. The inspection of the box inspection on the spot is very assured. The logistics master also helps to move upstairs.

After the toilet arrived, the master of the magic worker was contacted by 400. After the service time was agreed, the installer came directly to install it. Because it is replaced and installed, the original toilet needs to be removed first, and then the traces of the remaining residuals need to be cleaned to reinstall it. Therefore, the whole process still takes a certain time. It should be noted,

Zhimi smart toilet all -in -one C1 provides 300 and 400 pit spacing dimensions,

The distance between the pits is the distance from the water center of the toilet to the wall. Before you buy, you must confirm it.

In addition, because the toilet is required to be used on the bottom after reinstalling the toilet, use the toilet as little as possible within 2 days after the installation is completed, so as not to shift the toilet, destroy the stickiness of the glue, and cause sewage penetration. Although you can’t experience it right away

Zhimi Smart Toilet C1, but looking at the new toilet, I feel very pleasant. From the perspective of visual sense, the ceramic glaze of the Zhimi Smart Toilet C1 is white and transparent, and the shape of no water tank is more “small” and “high”.

Instantly improve the grade of the entire bathroom.

Because the first time I used a smart water -free toilet, because of curiosity, before the installation, I also deliberately studied


The structure of Zhimi Smart Toilet C1. Compared

There is the back of the water tank toilet,


The back of the Zhimi Smart Toilet C1 has a lot of “things”.


In the water tank, the right side is to increase the pump (behind the online beam). The black -gray wiring bundle bundled with a tie should be connected to the sensor of the smart toilet. There are two other hoses and power cord exposure and need to be connected to other accessories.


The two hoses are installed on the water supply valve after the two hose is connected to the filter and filter elbow. If the location of the water supply valve is not too close to the toilet, there is no problem in the installation. Otherwise, there will be no smart toilet without power supply. Since my family was renovated 7-8 years ago, I did not consider installing sockets by the toilet at that time. It is estimated that many netizens have encountered this situation. Perhaps this also persuaded most netizens to change the idea of ​​changing the smart toilet.

In fact, the problem of power supply is not solved. I have made two sets of ways. One is to walk from the ceiling to the toilet, and the other is to follow the light line along the corner of the wall. After careful calculation and considering the difficulty of construction and the impact of the aesthetics of the bathroom, the second solution was finally adopted. A 5 -meter -long trailer board was inserted from the socket next to the bathroom cabinet to the toilet. With the wire tank, the trailer board is hidden in the wiring slot to ensure that it can be used without affecting the aesthetics.

Different water tank toilet and water tank toilet, yes

The water pressure requirements are higher. Netizens who know about home improvement should know, but for

Zhimi smart toilet all -in -one C1 is not a problem at all



Zhimi smart toilet all -in -one C1 uses

The third -generation water tank system, which also increases the further enhancement of the booster water pump. Even in the zero -water pressure environment, the flushing function can be activated. It can be applicable whether it is high -rise houses or old communities.


The inner wall structure of the toilet of Zhimi Smart Toilet C1 is also very unique. Most of the toilet outlets are under the toilet seat. When flushing, the water flows from the outlet

Follow the inner wall and flow into the drainage outlet with curves. After a long time, you will find

There will be residual scale below the toilet seat

Essence and


Super whispering siphon,


The outlet is behind the side of the toilet seat, and it is designed at the same time

The unique bucket’s slope, plus nano -level filters and self -cleaning glazes, can not be easily dirty and maintain long -lasting white.


I am really satisfied with the flushing capacity of Zhimi Smart Toilet C1.


When flushing the water, the water flows quickly from the outlet, and flows into the drainage port along the slope of the barrel. At the same time, when the flow flow flows from top to bottom, the spraying device at the bottom will also spray a strong water flow, and the sewage discharge ability is much stronger than my old toilet. I also discovered


Zhimi smart toilet all -in

Reverse flow, and the old toilets before were inverse flows almost every time, and some dirt was also revealed (the moving picture was oyster sauce).


Its flushing switch design is also very interesting. It uses a kick and flushing, and gently kick the toilet to the front foot of the toilet to achieve once. If the automatic flushing is turned on, when the seats on the seat are induced to the person, the water will be automatically flushed after leaving the seat, and the traditional toilet needs to be operated by hand. If you don’t consider turning over the toilet lid, use it


The Zhimi Smart Toilet In all -in -one C1 does not need to do it. Of course, Zhimi also has a Zhimi smart toilet M1 that supports automatic flip, but the price is more expensive.


Zhimi smart toilet all -in -one C1 is also configured to the toilet cover


Slow down

The damping device and shock absorption silicone, when the toilet lid is closed, the toilet lid will not fall immediately, but slowly falls to achieve “light” contact between the toilet lid and the toilet, avoiding the unwell bumps.


Besides, the seat circle of Zhimi Smart Toilet C1 supports the heating of the seat and comes with antibacterial functions. It can adjust the temperature through the Mijia APP and remote control. C four gears, and support the automatic cooling when no one is in use, so as to avoid power waste caused by continuous heating 24 hours. Compared with the coil of the old toilet, in addition to the heating of the seat circle, the seat curved surface of the Zhimi Smart Toilet C1 is larger, similar to the 3D arc surface of the waterfall screen, which feels more comfortable.

If you don’t like kicking flushing,

The Zhimi smart toilet all -in -one C1 also set up a knob on the side of the toilet. After the toilet leaves the toilet ring, press the knob to flush. This knob is still a power button. Long press to open or turn off the whole machine to supply power, which is the same as the power button of the toilet. In addition, the Zhimi smart toilet all supports automatic cleaning and drying functions. In a seat, it can adjust the intensity of water flow and drying wind temperature through the knob. Short pressing can stop automatic cleaning and drying function.

Zhimi Smart Toilet Intellectual C1 provides two functions: full -automatic women’s washing and automatic hip washing. In addition, there are two modes of routing and hot and cold SPA. 4 Block warm wind. Its nozzle and warm air outlet are located on the inside of the toilet. When the cleaning function is not used, the nozzle is hidden in the toilet. When use, the nozzle will automatically pop up and spray water. After the cleaning, you can continue to use the drying function, so as to avoid the embarrassment of using toilet paper under the condition of wet fart.


The nozzle also supports the flowing water self -cleaning. Each time it pops up, it will be automatically cleaned. At the same time, there are ultraviolet device built -in, which can extinguish 99.9%of E. coli, white strain, and Staphylococcus aureus. New nozzle. To be honest, I have also used the toilet cover with smart rinse in my family. The kind of cleaning can only be described as a small pain, and the water flow of the Waimi smart toilet all -in -one is irrigated in the dense bubbles, which is very gentle. It is really soft and comfortable, and it is more suitable for people with more sensitive hemorrhoids.

In order to facilitate night use and increase the sense of atmosphere at the same time, the Zhimi smart toilet all supports luminous function. In this way, there is no need to turn on the lights at night, but only the color of the moonlight is white. More interesting.

The Zhimi Smart Toilet In all -in -one C1 can access the Mijia APP. We can perform a lot of operations in the Shangmijia APP, such as turning on, standby, flushing, opening of women’s washing, drying, drying, setting a encounter position position, setting a encounter position position , Water flow intensity, water temperature, seat temperature, turn on the night light, and view the remaining time of the filter element, which also supports the linkage with other Mijia equipment.

The Mijia APP also provides a energy -saving mode. It has opened the night lighting energy -saving mode, the seat heating mode, and manually set the night light lighting period and the seat heating time period. This can save some electricity costs and more economical and environmental protection.

In addition, the Mijia APP also provides user personalized functions, which can customize women’s wash and hip washing parameters of three family members, such as location, water temperature, water flow intensity, etc. This can be Correspondingly personalized function keys to avoid the trouble of adjusting the settings each time.


In order to facilitate the use of the elderly who do not operate smartphones, the Zhimi Smart Toilet In all -in -one C1 also provides a 2.4G remote control. A support in the packaging can use the expansion screw and double -sided glue to fix the remote control on the wall. Similarly, the remote control provides hip washing, women washing, hot and cold massage, warm air drying, nozzle position, water flow strength, user personalized keys, and wind temperature, water temperature, and seat temperature adjustment. A remote control can also fully operate the Zhimi smart toilet all -in -one C1.


Regarding the smart toilet, a friend had a joke before that he did not dare to use the smart toilet, afraid of electric ass. In fact, don’t worry about this. Zhimi smart toilet all -in -one C1 supports leakage protection, pressure leak protection, low voltage protection, temperature protection, and fire protection. If the toilet leaks are leakage, the power is automatically disconnected. If the pressure pump is over pressure, the toilet will automatically leak the pressure. Circles and water temperatures exceed the safety of safety, and they will automatically stop heating. What else are you worried about?

As a post -80s of the Trojan toilet and squatting a latrine, the Zhimi smart toilet all -in -one C1 is indeed very distinctive, very scientific and technological, which brings a different experience to my life. For example, you can use a knob to use a knob. , Foot Touch, Mobile APP, and remote control four ways to flush water. It comes with the addition of water pumps, filters, and water tanks. The flushing function can also be activated in the zero water pressure environment. No more. And support the functions of cleaning, drying, and seat heating. You don’t have to be afraid to take a “cold bench” in winter, even if you forget blowing water, you don’t have to worry, because it also supports automatic flushing. Of course, if the Zhimi smart toilet all -in -one C1 can support the little love voice assistant, it is even cooler. Do you say it?


Zhimi smart toilet all -in -one C1 uses

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